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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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descriptionLxdream mercurial repository
contactNathan Keynes <>
last changeFri, 29 May 2015 18:47:05 +1000
1302:765e514f99a63 yearsnkeynesFix test case default tip
1301:b76840ccf94b3 yearsnkeynesFix stack alignment when calling the end-block callback (broken on OS X)
1300:d18488c8668b3 yearsnkeynesAdd support for extracting the ELF symbol table and printing symbol names
1299:645ccec8dfb03 yearsnkeynesRemove static from gl_load_frame_buffer() - also needed by video_egl.c
1298:d0eb2307b8473 yearsnkeynesFix assorted compile warnings reported by Clang
1297:7e98a164b2d93 yearsnkeynesFix missed glib includes in Obj-C files
1296:30ecee61f8115 yearsnkeynesChange glib includes to #include <glib.h> rather than the individual
1295:9067aff5522d6 yearsnkeynesMerge workaround for interpreted mode accesses to the OC ram regions in AT=0
1294:52be323fcab46 yearsnkeynesInvalidate render buffers when vram32 region is written from DMA / store
1293:36123decfb246 yearsnkeynesSubst LDFLAGS_FOR_BUILD in configure
tip1302:765e514f99a63 yearsnkeynesFix test casetree
lxdream_0_9_11059:ea23119066079 yearsnkeynesFix testsh4x86 buildtree
lxdream_0_9898:fc3cfc0859fb10 yearsnkeynesUpdate debian changelogtree
lxdream_0_8_4795:d347c51dce9910 yearsnkeynesAdd debian changelog filetree
lxdream_0_8_3623:95fcdcf2094c10 yearsnkeynesUpdate release notes for 0.8.3tree
lxdream_0_8_2553:4e6166258c2211 yearsnkeynesFix immediate call to MMU_ldtlb (braino...)tree
lxdream_0_8_1504:61afb3921c4a11 yearsnkeynesFix ptr->int conversions for 64bittree
lxdream_0_8485:dfa6bd020c1111 yearsnkeynesRemove gnome.htree
MILESTONE3403:1cf393db32f211 yearsnkeynesUpdate release notes for M3tree
MILESTONE2355:18bd008f700a11 yearsnkeynesBug 27: FBO supporttree
MILESTONE1179:18dacd91aa7312 yearsnkeynesAdd default automake filestree
default1302:765e514f99a63 yearsnkeynesFix test casetree
xlat-refactor1013:76196dbc804a9 yearsnkeynesUpdate test for changestree
lxdream-mem952:18e5798409239 yearsnkeynesHandle URC/URB case where URC is initialized >= URBtree
lxdream-render652:231ca5cbd39710 yearsnkeynesFix perspective correction (at least for those with shader support)tree
lxdream-mmu585:371342a39c0910 yearsnkeynesHandle sh4 aborts/reset within the translatortree