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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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changeset 1062:5bde715d4d3d
author nkeynes
date Fri Dec 02 18:18:04 2011 +1000 (10 years ago)
permissions -rw-r--r--
last change SH4 shadow-mode tweaks
- Fix exceptions generated by the translator to account for the excepting
instruction(s) in the cycle counts.
- Compare floating point regs bitwise rather than with FP comparisons
(otherwise can fail due to nan != nan)
- Dump the translated block when we abort with an inconsistency
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     1 18bd008f700a6e00f760e6f55c9c127a2cc2761a MILESTONE2
     2 18dacd91aa73aecb5d035332054573dfe22e9d5f MILESTONE1
     3 1cf393db32f27f00d87e7053ad6151965635ef62 MILESTONE3
     4 4e6166258c224ab0df885b32c0afddd8c187c6e1 lxdream_0_8_2
     5 61afb3921c4a75402743262f7d8f8c544a89d6d4 lxdream_0_8_1
     6 95fcdcf2094cd242a5950a98bbb9fd1a6da4caef lxdream_0_8_3
     7 d347c51dce994f08c16c59934a0a083f6d9d4af5 lxdream_0_8_4
     8 dfa6bd020c11c5852ed3aa3806b06e9836bea458 lxdream_0_8
     9 ea23119066078258af86e175e15e9b8ccbb1940d lxdream_0_9_1
    10 fc3cfc0859fb8e3b7293387db7c343c06f53dc6f lxdream_0_9