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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename test/timer.h
changeset 262:bc96e0b79308
author nkeynes
date Fri Dec 02 18:18:04 2011 +1000 (10 years ago)
permissions -rw-r--r--
last change SH4 shadow-mode tweaks
- Fix exceptions generated by the translator to account for the excepting
instruction(s) in the cycle counts.
- Compare floating point regs bitwise rather than with FP comparisons
(otherwise can fail due to nan != nan)
- Dump the translated block when we abort with an inconsistency
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     2 void timer_start();
     3 unsigned int timer_gettime();
     4 unsigned int timer_gettime_us();
     5 unsigned int timer_stop();
     6 unsigned int timer_to_microsecs( long value );