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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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gl_sl.c1209:e606e65eaf548 yearsnkeynesAdd enable/disable vertex attribute calls when making a shader active
glrender.c1219:3966d3e553518 yearsnkeynesRemove unused pvr2_poly_texblend array
glutil.c1219:3966d3e553518 yearsnkeynesRemove unused pvr2_poly_texblend array
glutil.h1219:3966d3e553518 yearsnkeynesRemove unused pvr2_poly_texblend array
pvr2.c1157:20053990db619 yearsnkeynesRip out force_vsync - this didn't work even if it was turned on, which it
pvr2.h1219:3966d3e553518 yearsnkeynesRemove unused pvr2_poly_texblend array
pvr2mem.c1067:d3c00ffccfcd11 yearsnkeynesNo-op merge lxdream-mem to tip to remove head (Long since merged in
pvr2mmio.h931:430048ea8b7111 yearsnkeynesMore refactoring and general cleanup. Most things should be working again now.
rendsave.c934:3acd3b3ee6d111 yearsnkeynesChange RAM regions to use static arrays rather than mmap regions, for a 2-3% performance gain.
rendsort.c1154:5225c7c059ce9 yearsnkeynesAvoid rebinding textures unnecessarily (actually saves a surprising amount
scene.c1159:580436b01b6c9 yearsnkeynesImplement vertex array range support, and move buffer operations to gl_vbo.c
scene.h1159:580436b01b6c9 yearsnkeynesImplement vertex array range support, and move buffer operations to gl_vbo.c
shaders.glsl1207:f7ca985659c68 yearsnkeynesGen helper functions for uniform + attribute variables, along with the main
tacore.c1145:45674791c6ad9 yearsnkeynesIntroduce tile iterators to simplify processing of the tile lists
texcache.c1210:79bbd30363f48 yearsnkeynesAdd wrangling for some of the core vs EXT/ARB versions of functions + macros
tileiter.h1153:00e507e4025c9 yearsnkeynesRevert changes from r1151 that went in by accident (not ready from
yuv.c736:a02d1475ccfd12 yearsnkeynesRe-indent everything consistently