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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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pvr2.c284:808617ee713514 yearsnkeynesBreak vram routines out into pvr2mem.c
pvr2.h292:3b78f6d301b714 yearsnkeynesCorrect declaration of pvr2_vram64_read_stride
pvr2mem.c285:4fefedafebc614 yearsnkeynesFix pvr2_vram64_write_stride
pvr2mmio.h261:93fdb2a70e1814 yearsnkeynesImplement the main CRTC registers, along with the sync status register.
rendbkg.c239:e5cd6b2d458614 yearsnkeynesAdd some explanatory comments as to how this stuff is supposed to work
rendcore.c286:0fa5aae66f3114 yearsnkeynesCut texture address down to 8Mb to prevent issues in texcache
render.c222:541d9d899aba15 yearsnkeynesBug #0005 Implement translucent poly sorting
rendsort.c276:1e594c2804f814 yearsnkeynesFix crash on translucent sprites (mishandling quad array)
tacore.c215:f432833e830315 yearsnkeynesImplement pvr banking strategy wrt the polygon buffers
texcache.c291:cb3e8f0ac24a14 yearsnkeynesTidy up pointer types
yuv.c284:808617ee713514 yearsnkeynesBreak vram routines out into pvr2mem.c