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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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changeset 354:8bf6587e1f9b
author nkeynes
date Tue Sep 11 02:14:46 2007 +0000 (14 years ago)
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last change Cache the pointer to the last FR bank (speeds fp ops up by about 10%)
Implement experimental fix for FLOAT/FTRC
Make read/write sr functions non-static (share with translator)
Much more translator WIP
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     1 Release notes for Milestone 2 
     2 ===================================================
     4 Please note that this is a development release - many 
     5 things are not yet implemented, it's still quite slow, and not
     6 particularly user-friendly. Framerates are typically 4-5 frames 
     7 per second on a 3Ghz P4. If you're looking for something to just
     8 play DC games, you'll probably want to wait for the next version.
    10 Having said all that, some games are known to run to at least 
    11 some degree (aka everything we've tried), and most homebrew works 
    12 perfectly, albeit slowly - feel free to experiment and let us 
    13 know how it goes.
    15 Changes since Milestone 1
    16 -------------------------
    17 * Complete rewrite of nearly all PowerVR2 code - The M1 code was largely a
    18 quick hack to get something running. It's done for real now.
    19 * Initial IO event system (not widely used yet)
    20 * Lots of bugfixes throughout the system
    22 Known issues
    23 ------------
    24 The following are known bugs (as opposed to missing features) that will be
    25 fixed in the next release, but are too large to be fixed for this version:
    27 * Some games experience geometry corruption of varying levels. This is
    28 believed to be caused by an SH4 core bug.
    30 * Polygons that are partially clipped by the view frustum can be distorted
    31 quite badly
    33 System requirements
    34 -------------------
    35 GTK 2.0+
    36 Gnome 2.0+
    37 ESounD 2.36+  (if you want interrupted stuttery sound[0])
    38 OpenGL drivers with EXT_framebuffer_object support (any recent drivers should be
    39 fine)
    40 GCC, Make, etc.
    42 Building
    43 --------
    44 From the base directory
    45 ~$ ./configure
    46 ~$ make
    47 ~$ make install            (optional)
    49 Enjoy!