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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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cdi.c236:581a9f8bf6a614 yearsnkeynesAdd 2-second offset to LBA addresses. Strangely enough needed to make
cdi.h31:495e480360d715 yearsnkeynesFinish adding header blocks to all files
gdrom.c245:a1d0655a88d314 yearsnkeynesWork in progress: 0x40,1 (read status)
gdrom.h245:a1d0655a88d314 yearsnkeynesWork in progress: 0x40,1 (read status)
ide.c258:8864fae6592814 yearsnkeynesFix byte-count handling in accordance with the actual DC chip
ide.h257:62fa1cabc46c14 yearsnkeynesFix comment for the IO bit
linux.c259:7c6881790cc214 yearsnkeynesLimit number of sectors read at once (linux driver seems to throw a hissy
nrg.c168:203a72138e1615 yearsnkeynesImplement multi-format CD image support
packet.h253:1ca882a0e07614 yearsnkeynesAdd reset error and fix BADREAD error code