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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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changeset 185:6755a04c447f
author nkeynes
date Wed Jan 03 09:03:50 2007 +0000 (14 years ago)
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last change Fix to actually work (need the write read/write sizes)
Implement the microsecond conversion function
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     2 The test cases in this directory require an sh4 tool chain, as well as an
     3 arm tool chain if you want to build the AICA tests. The default Makefile
     4 assumes these are sh-elf and arm-elf targets respectively. A modified copy of
     5 newlib 1.8.2 prebuilt for SH4 with dc-load support is included as well,
     6 to save having to set up that part of the environment. The necessary patch
     7 is in the lib directory if you wish to build from source (newlib is included
     8 under the terms of the GPL)
    10 crt0.s is included from the dcload distribution, and is assumed to be
    11 redistributable under the terms of the GPL.
    13 There is currently no configure/automake for this directory - you'll need to
    14 modify the Makefile directly if needed. This should probably be changed
    15 eventually