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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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aica/131:4c25f1b2066414 yearsnkeynesAdd basic AICA RTC implementation
drivers/144:7f0714e89aaa14 yearsnkeynesRename video_driver to display_driver
gdrom/154:d62f7b49934b14 yearsnkeynesSkip 8-byte subheader at start of mode-2/1 sectors when performing a mode-1
gui/144:7f0714e89aaa14 yearsnkeynesRename video_driver to display_driver
maple/148:3f31c2d9b78314 yearsnkeynesImplement analog joystick (and make sure it defaults to centered)
pvr2/153:3d4091e2b13614 yearsnkeynesReturn correct value from load state
sh4/150:c728a442b43f14 yearsnkeynesAdd texcache invalidates on direct writes to 64-bit vram.
Makefile.am144:7f0714e89aaa14 yearsnkeynesRename video_driver to display_driver
Makefile.in144:7f0714e89aaa14 yearsnkeynesRename video_driver to display_driver
asic.c155:be61d1a2093714 yearsnkeynesAdd load/save/reset state, and general tidy up
asic.h155:be61d1a2093714 yearsnkeynesAdd load/save/reset state, and general tidy up
bios.c102:844a3f2a76ff14 yearsnkeynesRefactor bios into more generic syscall structure. Add initial hooks for
bootstrap.c35:21a4be09830414 yearsnkeynesRemove modules.h - move definitions into dream.h
bootstrap.h88:0a1bd43fa4ad14 yearsnkeynesWhen loading a binary file, load IP.BIN before it to initialize everything
clock.h30:89b30313d75714 yearsnkeynesChange timeslice to nanoseconds (was microseconds)
cpu.h43:0cf3e339cc5914 yearsnkeynesAdd sh4 + arm breakpoints
dcload.c120:7e454947611014 yearsnkeynesHalt instead of exiting by default on a dcload_sycall to exit()
display.c144:7f0714e89aaa14 yearsnkeynesRename video_driver to display_driver
display.h144:7f0714e89aaa14 yearsnkeynesRename video_driver to display_driver
dream.h135:2b05ea3d87c114 yearsnkeynesAdd max() macro (if it's not already defined)
dreamcast.c146:f91fa34ab21914 yearsnkeynesAdd repeating memory mode
dreamcast.h144:7f0714e89aaa14 yearsnkeynesRename video_driver to display_driver
loader.c110:83a33da5ed0614 yearsnkeynesBring the bootloader in for ELF files as well
loader.h26:ad258e3daaa514 yearsnkeynesMore structure reorgs/fixes
main.c144:7f0714e89aaa14 yearsnkeynesRename video_driver to display_driver
mem.c146:f91fa34ab21914 yearsnkeynesAdd repeating memory mode
mem.h146:f91fa34ab21914 yearsnkeynesAdd repeating memory mode
mmio.h136:f07efd59604f14 yearsnkeynesAdd MMIO_READF (read float) macro
serial.h19:9da7a8e38f9d14 yearsnkeynesImplement 95% of the SCIF serial interface
syscall.c102:844a3f2a76ff14 yearsnkeynesRefactor bios into more generic syscall structure. Add initial hooks for
syscall.h102:844a3f2a76ff14 yearsnkeynesRefactor bios into more generic syscall structure. Add initial hooks for
util.c117:3b6a128ae73314 yearsnkeynesAdd an fwrite_dump() method to do a binary block dump
watch.c6:6e3663e5856516 yearsnkeynescompile fix