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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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Makefile1:eea311cfd33e17 yearsnkeynesThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r2,
dmac.c54:d8b73031289c15 yearsnkeynesAdd (partial) DMAC implementation
dmac.h58:ce3657a81a2615 yearsnkeynesCommit in dmac.h (oops)
intc.c265:5daf59b7f31b14 yearsnkeynesImplement event queue.
intc.h31:495e480360d715 yearsnkeynesFinish adding header blocks to all files
scif.c54:d8b73031289c15 yearsnkeynesAdd (partial) DMAC implementation
sh4core.c312:2c34bdc36cbd14 yearsnkeynesSave/restore MMU state (specifically the OC cache ram) correctly
sh4core.h312:2c34bdc36cbd14 yearsnkeynesSave/restore MMU state (specifically the OC cache ram) correctly
sh4dasm.c302:96b5cc24309c14 yearsnkeynesRename SPUDMA to G2DMA (following KOS's lead)
sh4dasm.h54:d8b73031289c15 yearsnkeynesAdd (partial) DMAC implementation
sh4mem.c325:5717ae5d474614 yearsnkeynesMove PVR2 dma handling (0x10000000-0x13FFFFFF) into pvr2mem.c, minor
sh4mmio.c336:c3455be86ee214 yearsnkeynesRemove BSC stub warnings
sh4mmio.h30:89b30313d75715 yearsnkeynesChange timeslice to nanoseconds (was microseconds)
timer.c326:0c107e0d0fe014 yearsnkeynesIncrease SH4 speed to 100Mips