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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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aica.c44:8da2cbcffe2416 yearsnkeynesDefault ARM to not-running for sanity's sake
aica.h46:30d123047e1616 yearsnkeynesImplement LDM/STM opcodes
armcore.c59:dceb8ef1da5516 yearsnkeynesChange LDM in accordance with the second part of 5.4.6
armcore.h51:ed6c2706750216 yearsnkeynesAdd several missing M instructions
armdasm.c51:ed6c2706750216 yearsnkeynesAdd several missing M instructions
armdasm.h30:89b30313d75716 yearsnkeynesChange timeslice to nanoseconds (was microseconds)
armmem.c40:852ee31ace0d16 yearsnkeynesFixup ARM memory to be a little more functional