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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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audio_esd.c424:421d68e78c4613 yearsnkeynesFix compilation warnings
audio_null.c106:9048bac046c314 yearsnkeynesMove driver selection out to main at long last. Add video NULL driver for
fragment.glsl405:570d93abb5b713 yearsnkeynesAdd GLSL loader framework
gl_common.c429:e581b90c3fb313 yearsnkeynesFix compilation warnings
gl_common.h429:e581b90c3fb313 yearsnkeynesFix compilation warnings
gl_fbo.c438:f4d7774967d113 yearsnkeynesFix tex coords and render with linear filtering
gl_sl.c424:421d68e78c4613 yearsnkeynesFix compilation warnings
gl_slsrc.c405:570d93abb5b713 yearsnkeynesAdd GLSL loader framework
vertex.glsl405:570d93abb5b713 yearsnkeynesAdd GLSL loader framework
video_gtk.c436:e8c461d2545e13 yearsnkeynesRemove intermediate window and adjust size accordingly
video_null.c429:e581b90c3fb313 yearsnkeynesFix compilation warnings
video_x11.c439:f0c7928c591413 yearsnkeynesUse the default visual (all we do is render onto the front buffer, so we don't really care what it is)
video_x11.h370:3131ba1440fc13 yearsnkeynesHandle video driver init failure cleanly (fallback to headless)