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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename src/pvr2/shaders.glsl
dateTue Feb 28 17:25:26 2012 +1000 (8 years ago)
last changeImplement display output for the GLES2 case (no fixed function
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1240:190df8a791ca8 yearsnkeynesImplement display output for the GLES2 case (no fixed function
1232:e5b12e2fe6ba8 yearsnkeynesRemove most of the remaining fixed-functionality in the shader rendering
1221:f50407acc6828 yearsnkeynesMake palette textures 2D (1 pixel high) instead of 1D - pretty much the
1207:f7ca985659c68 yearsnkeynesGen helper functions for uniform + attribute variables, along with the main
1140:7dc1c71ece7610 yearsnkeynesImplement fragment shader to support palette textures 'directly', and
1130:5f56fc93111210 yearsnkeynesRefactor shader management to support multiple programs, which are all