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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename test/sh4/testsh4.c
dateTue Jan 01 04:32:01 2008 +0000 (14 years ago)
last changeAdd initial TLB tests
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555:309c9726091214 yearsnkeynesAdd initial TLB tests lxdream-mmu
533:9764673fd4a515 yearsnkeynesFix TRAPA (translator) and add test case
522:791d2f0fb7e715 yearsnkeynesReturn the number of failed tests (ie 0 = success)
404:c5ed3c8642a215 yearsnkeynesAdd BSR tests
399:23e51a2b4f9915 yearsnkeynesAdd tests for TAS.B
396:0738dbc01d9515 yearsnkeynesAdd tests for SHLL, SHLR, SHAL, SHAR, ROTL, ROTR, ROTCL and ROTCR
393:5e5335b6137315 yearsnkeynesAdd tests for SUB, SUBC and XTRCT
384:c9d5c194984b15 yearsnkeynesAdd DIV1 test cases
364:d738f6883d4a15 yearsnkeynesAdd tests for CMPSTR, DIV0U, DIV0S, SHLD, and SHAD
358:65043a8f578515 yearsnkeynesAdd tests for mac.l and mac.w
357:3592a10b324215 yearsnkeynesAdd tests for FLOAT and FTRC
233:f8333b94f50316 yearsnkeynesAdd user mode/system mode switch
231:a9e61a96a88516 yearsnkeynesAdd BT, BT/S, CMP/EQ, CMP/GE, CMP/GT, CMP/HI, CMP/HS tests
228:70adc8ffa8d116 yearsnkeynesCommit BF tests and initial exception handler
226:0eeeb25447d316 yearsnkeynesSH4 tests: Add tests for addc, addv, and
225:e5cea612558016 yearsnkeynesCommit start of SH4 test cases