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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename test/pvr.c
dateWed Jan 24 08:13:18 2007 +0000 (16 years ago)
last changeAdd draw_grid_24 method
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320:660b1509511516 yearsnkeynesAdd draw_grid_24 method
306:818c1157059316 yearsnkeynesAdd general draw_grid function
213:da6b1904f67b16 yearsnkeynesInitial rendering tests (no support for result comparison yet)
190:f7653df5e83216 yearsnkeynesAdd many more TA test cases (a couple of corner cases aren't 100% correct
185:6755a04c447f16 yearsnkeynesFirst commit of system test framework. 3 initial test cases (incomplete):