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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename src/gdrom/gdi.c
dateThu May 29 11:00:26 2008 +0000 (11 years ago)
last changeSplit gdrom.h into public and private gddriver.h
Reorganize gdrom mount to use a disc change hook
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678:35eb0094531611 yearsnkeynesSplit gdrom.h into public and private gddriver.h
644:ccae4bfa5f8212 yearsnkeynesBug #59: Add provisional support for all CD read modes (not validated)
561:533f6b47807112 yearsnkeynesEnable Id keyword on all source files lxdream-mmu
498:10d5ba99a77812 yearsnkeynesPreliminary support for raw sectors in image files
492:84e33e4dda1c12 yearsnkeynesIssue #37: Add nulldc GDI format