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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename src/pvr2/rendcore.c
dateTue Feb 06 07:59:06 2007 +0000 (12 years ago)
last changeFix debug output of polygons with modifier volume
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351:41b7e55ee10f12 yearsnkeynesFix debug output of polygons with modifier volume
350:5852da94823112 yearsnkeynesFix cut-n-paste error in V-clamp
341:924029ff95ea12 yearsnkeynesAdd better (ie fancier) debug-print functions
338:8c68d909784612 yearsnkeynesGet render size from the tile segment array
331:a6048d3a9a7912 yearsnkeynesZ should be rendered as 1/Z - fixes a host of depth issues
322:35440794295712 yearsnkeynesAdd method to determine maximum z-coord in scene, use for near-clip value
319:5392aed6a98212 yearsnkeynesAdd support for quads (auto-calculated 4th vertex)
318:363935d3185912 yearsnkeynesAdd initial offset color support
308:10a5b5475fb012 yearsnkeynesEnable blend by default - remove toggle on tex-alpha bit as its just plain
298:44d94dd0e8aa12 yearsnkeynesChange tex mode 1 to MODULATE
286:0fa5aae66f3112 yearsnkeynesCut texture address down to 8Mb to prevent issues in texcache
268:1ba7e5a7a3f712 yearsnkeynesFix last tile not actually being rendered
223:f6c28fa9076b13 yearsnkeynesRemove obsolete fprintf debug lines
222:541d9d899aba13 yearsnkeynesBug #0005 Implement translucent poly sorting
221:cf5c6d32616213 yearsnkeynesBug #0010
215:f432833e830313 yearsnkeynesImplement pvr banking strategy wrt the polygon buffers
191:df4441cf312813 yearsnkeynesAdd more register masks (in line with test case)
189:615b70cfd72913 yearsnkeynesIssue 0003: TA Vertex compiler