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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename src/xlat/xltcache.h
dateMon Feb 13 12:27:09 2012 +1000 (10 years ago)
last changeSetup the unlink_blocks function via a callback, rather than calling
directly into sh4/x86 code from xltcache
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1214:49152b3d8b7510 yearsnkeynesSetup the unlink_blocks function via a callback, rather than calling
1195:072131b61d2a10 yearsnkeynesHandle branch delay-slot instruction that falls on the next page correctly.
1188:1cc9bb0b384810 yearsNathan KeynesRearrange the profile dump code so as to avoid xlat => SH4 references
1186:2dc47c67bb9310 yearsnkeynesAdd support for block linking when the block target is fixed. Only a small
1182:b38a327ad8fa10 yearsnkeynesAdd block profiling option to count the number of executions of each block,
1149:da6124fceec611 yearsnkeynesAdd chain pointer to the xlat cache, so that we can maintain multiple blocks
1091:18655837434512 yearsnkeynesAdd side-by-side x86+sh4 disassembly output
1006:3a169c224c1213 yearsnkeynesCommit current work-in-progress to xlat-refactor branch xlat-refactor
991:60c7fab9c88013 yearsnkeynesMove xltcache to xlat/ src directory