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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename src/aica/aica.h
dateThu Mar 30 11:27:11 2006 +0000 (17 years ago)
last changeAdd basic AICA RTC implementation
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131:4c25f1b2066417 yearsnkeynesAdd basic AICA RTC implementation
86:f151e63f975417 yearsnkeynesAdd aica_enable() function for aica-only mode, disable by default
66:2ec5b6eb75e517 yearsnkeynesGo go gadget audio!
62:a1cb6dfefec117 yearsnkeynesDefault 2D00 to 0 rather than 1
61:eb7a73c9bcae17 yearsnkeynesAICA IRQ event work in progress
46:30d123047e1617 yearsnkeynesImplement LDM/STM opcodes
44:8da2cbcffe2417 yearsnkeynesDefault ARM to not-running for sanity's sake
40:852ee31ace0d17 yearsnkeynesFixup ARM memory to be a little more functional
11:0a82ef380c4517 yearsnkeynesMoved arm material under aica/