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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename src/drivers/video_x11.c
dateMon Jan 15 12:57:12 2007 +0000 (13 years ago)
last changeRemove extension fprintf (accidental commit)
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290:4d11ef6766be13 yearsnkeynesRemove extension fprintf (accidental commit)
280:715202395e0f13 yearsnkeynesAdd GL common file
160:17c4c0e4f9ce13 yearsnkeynesChange video blank to use GL, ie to actually work
144:7f0714e89aaa14 yearsnkeynesRename video_driver to display_driver
112:a3008ac0765a14 yearsnkeynesUse GL to display frames
108:565de331ccec14 yearsnkeynesMore video WIP - displays _something_ now, at least...
103:9b9cfc5855e014 yearsnkeynesMore rendering work in progress. Almost there now...
94:8d80d9c7cc7d14 yearsnkeynesVideo code reshuffle to start getting real video happening.