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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename src/pvr2/rendcore.c
dateTue Sep 12 11:54:19 2006 +0000 (15 years ago)
last changeBug #0005 Implement translucent poly sorting
Implement quick-and-dirty sorting based on min-z. It's not remotely complete
but damn that looks so much better ^_^
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222:541d9d899aba15 yearsnkeynesBug #0005 Implement translucent poly sorting
221:cf5c6d32616215 yearsnkeynesBug #0010
215:f432833e830315 yearsnkeynesImplement pvr banking strategy wrt the polygon buffers
191:df4441cf312815 yearsnkeynesAdd more register masks (in line with test case)
189:615b70cfd72915 yearsnkeynesIssue 0003: TA Vertex compiler