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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename test/Makefile
dateThu Aug 23 12:31:31 2007 +0000 (13 years ago)
last changeAdd tests for mac.l and mac.w
Start test cases for fmov
Update exception tests
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358:65043a8f578513 yearsnkeynesAdd tests for mac.l and mac.w
357:3592a10b324213 yearsnkeynesAdd tests for FLOAT and FTRC
344:bac957de484313 yearsnkeynesuse ide.c in testregs
297:26fc4446ac0914 yearsnkeynesBug 24: Initial implementation of scene save loader
278:a66aaa522d3114 yearsnkeynesInitial (non-working) spu dma test case
263:6f641270b2aa14 yearsnkeynesExtract test runner from testide into the generic testdata.c
249:1708bec547df14 yearsnkeynesAdd to the testide build
233:f8333b94f50314 yearsnkeynesAdd user mode/system mode switch
231:a9e61a96a88514 yearsnkeynesAdd BT, BT/S, CMP/EQ, CMP/GE, CMP/GT, CMP/HI, CMP/HS tests
230:dc79fdf5257c14 yearsnkeynesUpdate makefile
228:70adc8ffa8d114 yearsnkeynesCommit BF tests and initial exception handler
226:0eeeb25447d314 yearsnkeynesSH4 tests: Add tests for addc, addv, and
225:e5cea612558014 yearsnkeynesCommit start of SH4 test cases
213:da6b1904f67b14 yearsnkeynesInitial rendering tests (no support for result comparison yet)
190:f7653df5e83214 yearsnkeynesAdd many more TA test cases (a couple of corner cases aren't 100% correct
185:6755a04c447f14 yearsnkeynesFirst commit of system test framework. 3 initial test cases (incomplete):