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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename test/
dateSat Aug 23 12:08:01 2008 +0000 (12 years ago)
last changeMask off SR correctly when writing to it - this turns out to be important
in some cases
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822:6e053675846512 yearsnkeynesMask off SR correctly when writing to it - this turns out to be important
816:2c3cf97de0f512 yearsnkeynesTidy up shared objects
815:866c103d72cd12 yearsnkeynesImplement memcpy_to_aica, still a work in progress though
812:8cc61d5ea1f812 yearsnkeynesAdd ARM test harness (not quite working on DC but almost...)
808:da414654f3fa12 yearsnkeynesAdd failing test case for the MMU flush-cache case
794:879c5929c7ef12 yearsnkeynesFix missing test data in dist target
753:1fe39c3a9bbc12 yearsnkeynesInitial implementation for sort-dma channel
749:f06c5a12903a12 yearsnkeynesFix make clean target
748:4fa68ea01d2912 yearsnkeynesAdd uninstall hook for pixmaps
746:3a574a68e79312 yearsnkeynesFix make check for out-of-tree build
731:ee2e929cca3a12 yearsnkeynesFixup out-of-tree builds to work properly, mostly fix dist target
712:1ef156f2210912 yearsnkeynesFix make distclean
699:d9ba9a9e5d1412 yearsnkeynesUpdate system tests for new command-line args
680:e237d43e011d12 yearsnkeynesBuild tests as part of make check, not make all
586:2a3ba82cf24313 yearsnkeynesMerged lxdream-mmu r570:596 to trunk
579:e76fa1a58d0a13 yearsnkeynesRun CPU tests through both emu and translator lxdream-mmu
555:309c9726091213 yearsnkeynesAdd initial TLB tests lxdream-mmu
550:a27e3134014713 yearsnkeynesAdd support for the MMIO side of the TLB (and LDTLB)
533:9764673fd4a513 yearsnkeynesFix TRAPA (translator) and add test case
521:33d2d92784c713 yearsnkeynesDetect presence of SH4 + ARM cross-compilers, and disable the system tests if