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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename src/sh4/mmux86.c
dateFri Aug 24 08:53:50 2012 +1000 (10 years ago)
last changeMove the generated prologue/epilogue code out into a common entry stub
(reduces space requirements) and pre-save all saved registers. Change
FASTCALL to use 3 regs instead of 2 since we can now keep everything in
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1292:799fdd4f704a10 yearsnkeynesMove the generated prologue/epilogue code out into a common entry stub
1067:d3c00ffccfcd13 yearsnkeynesNo-op merge lxdream-mem to tip to remove head (Long since merged in
995:eb9d43e8aa0813 yearsnkeynesCleanup ABI headers - most of the content made consistent between versions, and moved into proper
991:60c7fab9c88013 yearsnkeynesMove xltcache to xlat/ src directory
975:007bf7eb944f13 yearsnkeynesAdd read_byte_for_write mem function for correct implementation of AND.B and friends
972:fb948057cf0813 yearsnkeynesFix TLB access to SH4 peripheral control regions
953:f4a156508ad113 yearsnkeynesMerge lxdream-mem branch back to trunk
946:d41ee7994db713 yearsnkeynesFully integrate SQ with the new address space code - added additional 'prefetch' lxdream-mem
942:05e5d6a62e6713 yearsnkeynesSimplify address translation by 1 instruction lxdream-mem
940:81e0d3051d5f13 yearsnkeynesAdd svn:keywords props on new files lxdream-mem
939:6f2302afeb8913 yearsnkeynesMMU work-in-progress lxdream-mem