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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename po/lxdream.pot
dateSat Jun 27 10:42:24 2009 +0000 (13 years ago)
last changeBump version number, update po files
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1046:9e2c1dd2b53713 yearsnkeynesBump version number, update po files
1034:7044e01148f013 yearsnkeynesAdd initial VMU support
1024:c67f2d61ab9713 yearsnkeynesBuild drivers with library dependencies as shared objects (ie plugins)
792:1183b763592e14 yearsnkeynesUpdate translations again (minor line number changes)
783:ef81aa93524f14 yearsnkeynesUpdate translation files with latest strings list
509:d72564edc48215 yearsnkeynesAdd portugese and german translations (thanks to GT and TK)