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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename src/drivers/gl_fbo.c
dateThu Oct 16 12:06:24 2008 +0000 (11 years ago)
last changeFix bound check on number of framebuffers allocated
Fix repurposing framebuffers to clear out previous attachments to prevent
dimension erros.
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877:8331f4aa361611 yearsnkeynesFix bound check on number of framebuffers allocated
868:c5b4ed31d81911 yearsnkeynesUpdate the texture dimensions regardless of whether we created the texture here
863:a5e5310061e211 yearsnkeynesInitial shadow volume implementation for opaque polygons (stencil isn't quite
857:3d8944884eaa11 yearsnkeynesImplement write-back with the hscaler enabled
805:b355f7b3ff2e11 yearsnkeynesAdd ability to bind a render buffer to a texture, with output going to the texture.
798:eb5c0d1863cd11 yearsnkeynesCheck the MAX_COLOR_ATTACHMENTS value rather than assuming it's at least 4, since
758:99ae000d4e0911 yearsnkeynesFix compiler warnings
736:a02d1475ccfd11 yearsnkeynesRe-indent everything consistently
669:ab344e42bca912 yearsnkeynesCleanup most of the -Wall warnings (getting a bit sloppy...)
656:031d23fa6d0b12 yearsnkeynesAdd configure-time checks for fbo and shader functions in libGL (so linking
635:76c63aac359012 yearsnkeynesCommit render work in progress. Main changes: lxdream-render
561:533f6b47807112 yearsnkeynesEnable Id keyword on all source files lxdream-mmu
545:fdcdcd8b9fd112 yearsnkeynesRefactor GLX support and implement pbuffer rendering support
540:a3767018a96d12 yearsnkeynesSupport darwin OpenGL/* headers as well as the more usual GL/*
477:9a373f2ff00912 yearsnkeynesAdd save/restore of render buffers in save states
445:75c668cdfdc012 yearsnkeynesUnbind the framebuffer after initialization
443:1163eb5c059012 yearsnkeynesAdd ability to track the last displayed buffer, and handle expose/resize
438:f4d7774967d112 yearsnkeynesFix tex coords and render with linear filtering
429:e581b90c3fb312 yearsnkeynesFix compilation warnings
424:421d68e78c4612 yearsnkeynesFix compilation warnings
352:f0df7a6d470313 yearsnkeynesBug 27: Implement opengl framebuffer objects