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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename src/aica/armdasm.c
dateWed Jan 17 21:27:20 2007 +0000 (13 years ago)
last changeRename SPUDMA to G2DMA (following KOS's lead)
Remove sh4r.icount (obsolete)
Rewrite G2 fifo status in terms of slice cycles
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302:96b5cc24309c13 yearsnkeynesRename SPUDMA to G2DMA (following KOS's lead)
64:f8864188e83f14 yearsnkeynesCorrect disasm of TST, TEQ, CMP, CMN
60:d09f85b2a58314 yearsnkeynesFix SWI disassembly
51:ed6c2706750214 yearsnkeynesAdd several missing M instructions
48:de09cb63b4d014 yearsnkeynesFix disassembly of TST, TEQ, CMP, CMN
43:0cf3e339cc5914 yearsnkeynesAdd sh4 + arm breakpoints
30:89b30313d75714 yearsnkeynesChange timeslice to nanoseconds (was microseconds)
14:fc481a63884814 yearsnkeynesUse cpu-specific is_valid_page function
13:28aea89fb9c614 yearsnkeynesFix a few minor arm dasm issues
11:0a82ef380c4514 yearsnkeynesMoved arm material under aica/
7:976a16e92aab15 yearsnkeynesMore progress on arm
4:7d6f596ce57716 yearsnkeynesAdd armdasm