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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename src/gtkui/gtk_win.c
dateSun Apr 12 02:04:27 2009 +0000 (11 years ago)
last changeFix analogue joystick input
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1010:a506a2f6618011 yearsnkeynesFix analogue joystick input
986:5090104b096311 yearsnkeynesFix minor warnings
889:5baaea6d972212 yearsnkeynesRemove run button disabling, instead print an error when attempting to run in an unrunnable situation and stop.
887:8b3ee741c9d712 yearsnkeynesFix const-correctness
854:130928a3cdcb12 yearsnkeynesAdd general gl_window_to_system_coords function to convert window system coordinates
850:28782ebbd01d12 yearsnkeynesAdd lightgun support
849:bbe26d798fc212 yearsnkeynesRefactor mouse event management - button events are now usable for controllers
843:7936c1162ce912 yearsnkeynesAdd trailing newline
839:51f1c419579012 yearsnkeynesImplement absolute positioning mouse mode when not grabbed
837:4eae2ddccf9c12 yearsnkeynesExtract the disc title (where available) and display in the title bar
763:b3ce4448f20012 yearsnkeynesRename GTK UI files to follow the same scheme as the cocoa ones