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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename src/gdrom/cdi.c
dateThu Nov 15 08:16:10 2007 +0000 (12 years ago)
last changeAdd support for CDI V4
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513:ae1dea71613d12 yearsnkeynesAdd support for CDI V4
468:3a49695e081a12 yearsnkeynesFix CDI with multiple tracks/session
464:8e099fad42a612 yearsnkeynesInitial gdrom attachment menu
453:20f9c11e69e513 yearsnkeynesAdd CDI V3.5 support
422:61a0598e07ff13 yearsnkeynesFix compilation warnings
347:e686be8b10df13 yearsnkeynesFix handling of (some?) v3.0 cdi files
342:850502f0e8de13 yearsnkeynesRefactor gdrom module to be more conducive to real device support
236:581a9f8bf6a613 yearsnkeynesAdd 2-second offset to LBA addresses. Strangely enough needed to make
168:203a72138e1614 yearsnkeynesImplement multi-format CD image support
31:495e480360d714 yearsnkeynesFinish adding header blocks to all files
1:eea311cfd33e16 yearsnkeynesThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r2,