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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename src/sh4/cache.c
dateMon Feb 09 00:18:08 2009 +0000 (13 years ago)
last changeFix typo in ocache invalidate
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983:b0d0785aa19413 yearsnkeynesFix typo in ocache invalidate
980:deb4361928fe13 yearsnkeynesFix signedness in mmu_ext_page_remapped (Thanks kaz!)
975:007bf7eb944f13 yearsnkeynesAdd read_byte_for_write mem function for correct implementation of AND.B and friends
971:886e1ec8447d13 yearsnkeynesFix 1k-entry allocation
968:6fb1481859a413 yearsnkeynesFix various compile-time warnings
953:f4a156508ad113 yearsnkeynesMerge lxdream-mem branch back to trunk
946:d41ee7994db713 yearsnkeynesFully integrate SQ with the new address space code - added additional 'prefetch' lxdream-mem
939:6f2302afeb8913 yearsnkeynesMMU work-in-progress lxdream-mem
933:880c37bb190913 yearsnkeynesStart putting cache together lxdream-mem
931:430048ea8b7113 yearsnkeynesMore refactoring and general cleanup. Most things should be working again now. lxdream-mem