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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename src/gdrom/ide.c
dateSun Apr 30 12:22:31 2006 +0000 (17 years ago)
last changeFix IDENTIFY to be non-completely-broken
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140:d26f4899898d17 yearsnkeynesFix IDENTIFY to be non-completely-broken
138:afabd7e6d26d17 yearsnkeynesAdd Nero file format handler and general gdrom disc hooks
125:49bf45f8210a17 yearsnkeynesRename IDE DMA registers appropriately
47:da09bcb7ce6917 yearsnkeynesLog transfer mode set
39:3c35cb97b2ff17 yearsnkeynesLog feature on calls to SET_FEATURE
35:21a4be09830417 yearsnkeynesRemove modules.h - move definitions into dream.h
31:495e480360d717 yearsnkeynesFinish adding header blocks to all files
23:1ec3acd0594d17 yearsnkeynesStart of "real" time slices, general structure in place now
15:5194dd0fdb6017 yearsnkeynesAdd dreamcast_module module structure
2:42349f6ea21619 yearsnkeynesCommit changes into cvs