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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename src/pvr2/texcache.c
dateTue Mar 20 08:29:38 2012 +1000 (11 years ago)
last changeMore android WIP
- Implement onPause/onResume (although resume is not actually working yet)
- Implement BGRA => RGBA texture conversion (BGRA doesn't seem to work on the TFP)

Boot swirl is now displayed, albeit depth buffering seems to be broken.
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1275:83b15705cdde11 yearsnkeynesMore android WIP
1256:a9d29fe74bf311 yearsnkeynesMove glsl loading into common gl code, and set a display capability flag
1236:d93175c3638711 yearsnkeynesFactor video_width/video_height out into video_gl.c
1233:06923d1020de11 yearsnkeynesFix non-shader rendering
1221:f50407acc68211 yearsnkeynesMake palette textures 2D (1 pixel high) instead of 1D - pretty much the
1210:79bbd30363f411 yearsnkeynesAdd wrangling for some of the core vs EXT/ARB versions of functions + macros
1165:13406c35849b12 yearsnkeynesInclude texture residency information in texcache_dump() output
1142:fd82bfba61c413 yearsnkeynesFix call to isGLMultitextureSuppported() in texcache
1140:7dc1c71ece7613 yearsnkeynesImplement fragment shader to support palette textures 'directly', and
1135:68daed8f38af13 yearsnkeynesSet gl texture parameters at texture load time rather than render time.
1075:1a21750d300c14 yearsnkeynesRemove or change the level of a bunch of INFO messages that shouldn't really
1066:ddffe9d2b33214 yearsnkeynesNo-op merge lxdream-render to remove head (actually long since merged)
886:2bc6d2329cce15 yearsnkeynesFix texcache_init failing to clear texture_addr to -1
870:8d4deb2bc1ea15 yearsnkeynesTidy up texcache render-buffer allocation slightly
860:b429964761c815 yearsnkeynesDowngrade Bumpmap to warning (temporarily until implemented) and treat unrecognized
856:02ac5f37bfc915 yearsnkeynesCompletely untested render-to-texture work in progress
736:a02d1475ccfd15 yearsnkeynesRe-indent everything consistently
677:3ee62740ff8f15 yearsnkeynesRemove pvr2mmio.h include from pvr2.h (it's supposed to be moore or less private)
654:d40b3b68fbdf15 yearsnkeynesLoad mipmap textures from largest-to-smallest (instead of the other way
653:3202ff01d48e15 yearsnkeynesMerge lxdream-render branch (643:670) to trunk
647:d6fecb7750b915 yearsnkeynesAdd string.h lxdream-render
645:a7392098299c15 yearsnkeynesMore refactor work in progress - nearly done now lxdream-render
635:76c63aac359015 yearsnkeynesCommit render work in progress. Main changes: lxdream-render
561:533f6b47807115 yearsnkeynesEnable Id keyword on all source files lxdream-mmu
477:9a373f2ff00916 yearsnkeynesAdd save/restore of render buffers in save states
462:9add1245287616 yearsnkeynesFix long standing texcache management bug (invalidate palette was not placing
429:e581b90c3fb316 yearsnkeynesFix compilation warnings
352:f0df7a6d470316 yearsnkeynesBug 27: Implement opengl framebuffer objects
349:05c9b25c361d16 yearsnkeynesFix compressed mipmap textures (byte count was wrong)
337:cdd757aa8e8c16 yearsnkeynesInvalidate palette textures when the palette changes (fixes a few texture
329:4b453d68e9ae16 yearsnkeynesFix ARGB1555 texture
328:8da80d8342c516 yearsnkeynesFix mipmap texture address adjust
324:340f0b0b7af316 yearsnkeynesFix 16-bit palette offsets
321:7036e369216516 yearsnkeynesFix 16-bit palettes
315:2d8ba198d62c16 yearsnkeynesRefactor render buffer read/write to pvr2mem.c
314:2a1f3b3d870816 yearsnkeynesEnable twiddled YUV - no idea if it will actually work though
313:7e4bd162926816 yearsnkeynesTweak mip-map support
311:5be79c6b436716 yearsnkeynesRefactor to use the detwiddle vram methods
300:a8ae4aeb0b4216 yearsnkeynesFix RGB565 format
291:cb3e8f0ac24a16 yearsnkeynesTidy up pointer types
289:111dfb1516a616 yearsnkeynesFix output of yuv_decode() (yes, again...)
287:fead4f5f3e2c16 yearsnkeynesOops, actually increment the source pointer in yuv_decode
284:808617ee713516 yearsnkeynesBreak vram routines out into pvr2mem.c
282:01e53698ff3816 yearsnkeynesFirst cut of YUV converter
270:1e151174ef5116 yearsnkeynesFix crash in texcache_evict
224:289ddaeeebb317 yearsnkeynesBug #0002 Implement VQ compression
191:df4441cf312817 yearsnkeynesAdd more register masks (in line with test case)
129:88e5ebc991e317 yearsnkeynesFix up remaining (implemented) texture modes
126:988003554ab517 yearsnkeynesAdd correct support for ARGB4444 direct colour
113:ce4eb7959d5617 yearsnkeynesVarious fixes to make tatest work
108:565de331ccec17 yearsnkeynesMore video WIP - displays _something_ now, at least...
107:e576dd36073a17 yearsnkeynesMake sure subfunctions are initted
103:9b9cfc5855e017 yearsnkeynesMore rendering work in progress. Almost there now...