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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename src/drivers/video_gl.c
dateSun May 24 19:46:06 2015 +1000 (4 years ago)
last changeRemove static from gl_load_frame_buffer() - also needed by video_egl.c
Fix error location in gl_frame_buffer_to_tex
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1299:645ccec8dfb04 yearsnkeynesRemove static from gl_load_frame_buffer() - also needed by video_egl.c
1298:d0eb2307b8474 yearsnkeynesFix assorted compile warnings reported by Clang
1282:9f445c5e252b7 yearsnkeynesAndroid: Preserve render buffers when switching away from app.
1262:4baa34eee6fc7 yearsnkeynesFix boundary of the first vertical gap in view
1260:8207695d908c7 yearsnkeynesFix direction of #define in previous commit
1259:8a69f4d0b31d7 yearsnkeynesRevert to using GL_QUADS when available, fallback to fan-strip when it's not
1258:f8a9c0fd2abb7 yearsnkeynesSmall cleanups:
1256:a9d29fe74bf37 yearsnkeynesMove glsl loading into common gl code, and set a display capability flag
1251:b8ab59d397567 yearsnkeynesSupport depth component 16 as well as 24 (add capability flag for the available bits)
1246:887f7b0ac7f37 yearsnkeynesFix GLX compile
1244:6b54ef5ed4137 yearsnkeynesAdd a GL-only video driver for android usage (since the Java code is
1240:190df8a791ca7 yearsnkeynesImplement display output for the GLES2 case (no fixed function
1239:be31212675977 yearsnkeynesAndroid support WIP
1236:d93175c363877 yearsnkeynesFactor video_width/video_height out into video_gl.c
1222:a4545699a82b7 yearsnkeynesUse GL_TEXTURE_2D instead of GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE_ARB for frame buffers, for
1076:18c164e8aec410 yearsnkeynesRearrange frame output slightly.
854:130928a3cdcb11 yearsnkeynesAdd general gl_window_to_system_coords function to convert window system coordinates
736:a02d1475ccfd11 yearsnkeynesRe-indent everything consistently
681:1755a126b10911 yearsnkeynesFirst cut of the Cocoa GUI implementation
669:ab344e42bca911 yearsnkeynesCleanup most of the -Wall warnings (getting a bit sloppy...)
635:76c63aac359011 yearsnkeynesCommit render work in progress. Main changes: lxdream-render
290:4d11ef6766be12 yearsnkeynesRemove extension fprintf (accidental commit)
280:715202395e0f12 yearsnkeynesAdd GL common file