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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename src/gui/gtkui.h
dateSat Nov 10 04:45:29 2007 +0000 (12 years ago)
last changeTag translatable strings
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508:ccd2c10edfe612 yearsnkeynesTag translatable strings
486:9af294489aad13 yearsnkeynesImplement (fairly naive) fullscreen mode
480:d28c2992f5ee13 yearsnkeynesFix miscellaneous warnings
477:9a373f2ff00913 yearsnkeynesAdd save/restore of render buffers in save states
470:e09a1619669313 yearsnkeynesMaintain current gdrom and recently-used list in config file
464:8e099fad42a613 yearsnkeynesInitial gdrom attachment menu
457:af605fd32c0b13 yearsnkeynesFinish updating debug gui window bits
455:3080881d00d413 yearsnkeynesMore GUI WIP
450:207461e79f2113 yearsnkeynesSplit config management out to config.[ch]
447:3e095bfcb47613 yearsnkeynesAdd gui error reporting
437:2c259474b47413 yearsnkeynesAdd speed meter to main window
435:7a5d71e8560b13 yearsnkeynesFirst cut of new GUI