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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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filename src/pvr2/scene.h
dateWed Jan 19 17:50:09 2011 +1000 (9 years ago)
last changeImplement vertex array range support, and move buffer operations to gl_vbo.c
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1159:580436b01b6c9 yearsnkeynesImplement vertex array range support, and move buffer operations to gl_vbo.c
1153:00e507e4025c9 yearsnkeynesRevert changes from r1151 that went in by accident (not ready from
1151:e1848ca9b5b19 yearsnkeynesUpdated pt_BR translation from Arthonis
1140:7dc1c71ece769 yearsnkeynesImplement fragment shader to support palette textures 'directly', and
1133:f3da7d810d5c9 yearsnkeynesPerform backface culling in scene preparation rather than leaving it to the
1066:ddffe9d2b33211 yearsnkeynesNo-op merge lxdream-render to remove head (actually long since merged)
878:c498ba66e85111 yearsnkeynesRemove unused fields from vertex_struct
863:a5e5310061e211 yearsnkeynesInitial shadow volume implementation for opaque polygons (stencil isn't quite
847:2089244671d211 yearsnkeynesFog work-in-progress
736:a02d1475ccfd11 yearsnkeynesRe-indent everything consistently
687:6bdc2b7032ea12 yearsnkeynesChange colour params to float
669:ab344e42bca912 yearsnkeynesCleanup most of the -Wall warnings (getting a bit sloppy...)
653:3202ff01d48e12 yearsnkeynesMerge lxdream-render branch (643:670) to trunk
645:a7392098299c12 yearsnkeynesMore refactor work in progress - nearly done now lxdream-render
639:162ee7614b6012 yearsnkeynesMore render WIP - initial glrender.c lxdream-render
636:2ccf94f966fc12 yearsnkeynesUpdate svn:keywords lxdream-render
635:76c63aac359012 yearsnkeynesCommit render work in progress. Main changes: lxdream-render