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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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1302:765e514f99a66 yearsnkeynesFix test case default tip
1301:b76840ccf94b6 yearsnkeynesFix stack alignment when calling the end-block callback (broken on OS X)
1300:d18488c8668b6 yearsnkeynesAdd support for extracting the ELF symbol table and printing symbol names
1299:645ccec8dfb06 yearsnkeynesRemove static from gl_load_frame_buffer() - also needed by video_egl.c
1298:d0eb2307b8476 yearsnkeynesFix assorted compile warnings reported by Clang
1297:7e98a164b2d96 yearsnkeynesFix missed glib includes in Obj-C files
1296:30ecee61f8118 yearsnkeynesChange glib includes to #include <glib.h> rather than the individual
1295:9067aff5522d9 yearsnkeynesMerge workaround for interpreted mode accesses to the OC ram regions in AT=0
1294:52be323fcab49 yearsnkeynesInvalidate render buffers when vram32 region is written from DMA / store
1293:36123decfb249 yearsnkeynesSubst LDFLAGS_FOR_BUILD in configure
1292:799fdd4f704a9 yearsnkeynesMove the generated prologue/epilogue code out into a common entry stub
1291:8884bf45f0109 yearsnkeynesHandle corner case in pvr2_run_slice when we've previously slightly overrun
1290:b41d4dc2c83e9 yearsnkeynesFix dcload file handling bugs, patch from Guinux, thanks!
1289:ef8b0ddb81859 yearsnkeynesAdd check that glGenFencesNV is actually defined, to try to guard against
1288:fdb8f59143c79 yearsnkeynesRemove use of extended regexes to make porting easier
1287:dac8f363f1fe9 yearsnkeynesAdd support for Nokia N900
1286:8376a612a79d9 yearsnkeynesAdd glib/gfileutils.h includes, as some required defines were moved there in recent versions of glib
1285:f72cfb134a879 yearsnkeynesSet the android default directory to $SDCARD/lxdream instead of the /data
1284:0db0a5e726989 yearsnkeynesCheck for sqrt() in libm if needed (required on some platforms)
1283:2cbafe321d6f9 yearsnkeynesTreat quotes as entering a double-quoted string (mostly redundant, but we
1282:9f445c5e252b9 yearsnkeynesAndroid: Preserve render buffers when switching away from app.
1281:a3e763a4c60e9 yearsnkeynesAdd app icon
1280:38f2b0e602619 yearsnkeynesMake sure we destroy the render buffers as part of the GL shutdown (fixes
1279:142110f639029 yearsnkeynesRemove minor warnings
1278:2f0de47738d09 yearsnkeynesDreamcast.stop() on pause, get rid of unnecessary onAppPause()/onAppResume() methods
1277:f727227cc4f89 yearsnkeynesSurface management is actually already being taken care of - don't try to
1276:e20a691670939 yearsnkeynesFix missing return statement
1275:83b15705cdde9 yearsnkeynesMore android WIP
1274:4dff831f1a2e9 yearsnkeynesAdd Internet + Sdcard permissions (Internet needed for for perfhud
1273:32b2a340f8b39 yearsnkeynesFix silly errors in tqueue implementation
1272:0b947d9240299 yearsnkeynesFix uninitialised sinlen in gdb_server_connect_callback, patch from Guinux,
1271:3edc4bdd7c0b9 yearsnkeynesGDB: Support ^C interruption from GDB
1270:65fd19c07e2e9 yearsnkeynesAdd assert to make sure we're not registering too many modules. Possibly
1269:50c63f63bf8f9 yearsnkeynesBreak large PVR dma transfers up into blocks to avoid potentially allocating
1268:3a058c62e9e19 yearsnkeynesUpdate .hgignore
1267:90d0f12bfb5a9 yearsnkeynesAdd missing android files
1266:e6079b9c69ba9 yearsnkeynesReport egl driver in configure output
1265:7c6c5d26fd2e9 yearsnkeynesMerge ARM disassembler from binutils 2.22
1264:74ad817105289 yearsnkeynesMove x86dasm/* files under xlat/disasm
1263:b3de98d19faf9 yearsnkeynesBreak host disassembly bits out of, and move the generic disasm
1262:4baa34eee6fc9 yearsnkeynesFix boundary of the first vertical gap in view
1261:644f66135e949 yearsnkeynesRemove check for Maple sender address. Need to test behaviour of this on DC
1260:8207695d908c9 yearsnkeynesFix direction of #define in previous commit
1259:8a69f4d0b31d9 yearsnkeynesRevert to using GL_QUADS when available, fallback to fan-strip when it's not
1258:f8a9c0fd2abb9 yearsnkeynesSmall cleanups:
1257:e1314ad3e7cc9 yearsnkeynesFix have_shaders in glrender.c
1256:a9d29fe74bf39 yearsnkeynesMove glsl loading into common gl code, and set a display capability flag
1255:d63f73cc586f9 yearsnkeynesAdd support for armv7-a abi and make it the default - it's a good bit faster
1254:1ca50e1330cd9 yearsnkeynesSet min-sdk to gingerbread, but target honeycomb (for the action bar)
1253:5aa14eeaad5a9 yearsnkeynesLoad previous GD-ROM on startup
1252:2fb29172ee799 yearsnkeynesInclude precision spec for GLES only
1251:b8ab59d397569 yearsnkeynesSupport depth component 16 as well as 24 (add capability flag for the available bits)
1250:204dae47ab7a9 yearsnkeynesAdd explicit precision (required by ES SL) and remove unnecessary
1249:a81130f57df69 yearsnkeynesFully clean the android part before building it - dependencies don't seem to
1248:0ea1904e2b149 yearsnkeynesAssume that shaders are available on GLES2 (true by definition)
1247:e48ea82eb72c9 yearsnkeynesSwap between run + pause icons when pressed
1246:887f7b0ac7f39 yearsnkeynesFix GLX compile
1245:01e0020adf889 yearsnkeynesAndroid WIP:
1244:6b54ef5ed4139 yearsnkeynesAdd a GL-only video driver for android usage (since the Java code is
1243:7f28eb5b815a9 yearsnkeynesMerge