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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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175:8711cf9a989713 yearsnkeynesSample configuration file
174:a89c507a9a8d13 yearsnkeynescommit updated with LIBGL define
173:b006aaba9dff13 yearsnkeynesReport AICA RTC using it's own clock rather than the system gettimeofday.
172:59cf18b4cfb213 yearsnkeynesAdd register-by-register NOTRACE option (useful for tracing eg 0xA05F6000
171:3542185a8cf913 yearsnkeynesUpdate for change to bootstrap dumper
170:9877307b8dfc13 yearsnkeynesAdd cdi.c to the build
169:abbdc694358713 yearsnkeynesMove frontplane back to -4 (yeah dodgy temp hack)
168:203a72138e1613 yearsnkeynesImplement multi-format CD image support
167:71c0cc416a6413 yearsnkeynesAdd config value retrieval for pathnames
166:8aa70cf503a213 yearsnkeynesRemove/cleanup more old logging
165:126794f2ea6d13 yearsnkeynesInvalidate render buffers on writes to vram
164:84f6b203cfe113 yearsnkeynesImplement MOVCA
163:cf6b5e87f58d13 yearsnkeynesHandle G2 timer rollover
162:f7781f928f7e13 yearsnkeynesAdd global display_colour_bytes
161:408b9210395f13 yearsnkeynesImplement render buffer invalidation
160:17c4c0e4f9ce13 yearsnkeynesChange video blank to use GL, ie to actually work
159:406161fea39213 yearsnkeynesRemove superfluous logging
158:a0a82246b44e13 yearsnkeynesFix IDE DMA to actually work for real.
157:fbe03268ad8a13 yearsnkeynesAdd preliminary call-stack tracing ability
156:3b93648a3b0713 yearsnkeynesAdd P4 I/O tracing
155:be61d1a2093713 yearsnkeynesAdd load/save/reset state, and general tidy up
154:d62f7b49934b13 yearsnkeynesSkip 8-byte subheader at start of mode-2/1 sectors when performing a mode-1
153:3d4091e2b13613 yearsnkeynesReturn correct value from load state
152:d42a4c5cc70913 yearsnkeynesClean up the buffer and i/o handling
151:3d3135644b8e13 yearsnkeynesBlock writes to the PVRID register (and print an error for informational purposes)
150:c728a442b43f13 yearsnkeynesAdd texcache invalidates on direct writes to 64-bit vram.
149:d88dd2e9a19013 yearsnkeynesAdd disc info + spin up (probably seek) commands
148:3f31c2d9b78313 yearsnkeynesImplement analog joystick (and make sure it defaults to centered)
147:82478590bfa713 yearsnkeynesAdd a few more unknown registers that have been observed
146:f91fa34ab21913 yearsnkeynesAdd repeating memory mode
145:8f1af16b066513 yearsnkeynesRemove old video.h (replaced by display.h)
144:7f0714e89aaa13 yearsnkeynesRename video_driver to display_driver
143:9446fb6df0c513 yearsnkeynesAdd (track) mode parameter to read sectors call
142:2f631c3a394613 yearsnkeynesAdd packet.h
141:1f563629ab2a13 yearsnkeynesAdd packet.h
140:d26f4899898d13 yearsnkeynesFix IDENTIFY to be non-completely-broken
139:128f569e004e13 yearsnkeynesChange mount button to gdrom_mount_image call, rather than file load
138:afabd7e6d26d13 yearsnkeynesAdd Nero file format handler and general gdrom disc hooks
137:41907543d89013 yearsnkeynesCommit semi-correct G2-bus event register handling
136:f07efd59604f13 yearsnkeynesAdd MMIO_READF (read float) macro
135:2b05ea3d87c113 yearsnkeynesAdd max() macro (if it's not already defined)
134:d194907efdab13 yearsnkeynesMove state into pvr2_state structure for ease of save/load
133:249aeda31f0213 yearsnkeynesUnfubar the pvr event generation
132:48a8cc54174213 yearsnkeynesDifferentiate between flat + gouraud shaded polys - use colour of first vertex only
131:4c25f1b2066413 yearsnkeynesAdd basic AICA RTC implementation
130:279acbacc29813 yearsnkeynesTreat the 0x11000000 region as write-only texture ram (appears to be correct)
129:88e5ebc991e313 yearsnkeynesFix up remaining (implemented) texture modes
128:f98ce97cacdd13 yearsnkeynesAdd initial backplane support
127:4ba79389bb6d13 yearsnkeynesAdd a vram dump function for debugging purposes
126:988003554ab513 yearsnkeynesAdd correct support for ARGB4444 direct colour
125:49bf45f8210a13 yearsnkeynesRename IDE DMA registers appropriately
124:ceb38f08619a13 yearsnkeynesFix FMOV for writes to the back bank (ie FMOV @R1, XD2)
123:2ad156e1065713 yearsnkeynesFix FTRC - needs to clamp at min/max int
122:3a557bc205d813 yearsnkeynesFix insanely stupid FSCA bug. Unfortunately doesn't actually appear to fix
121:795fec623ce913 yearsnkeynesFix incorrect response length for condition queries
120:7e454947611013 yearsnkeynesHalt instead of exiting by default on a dcload_sycall to exit()
119:cef4d880123c13 yearsnkeynesAdd fwrite_dump method
118:fcec54454d1013 yearsnkeynesNominally implement packed-colour (w/ or w/o texture) mode
117:3b6a128ae73313 yearsnkeynesAdd an fwrite_dump() method to do a binary block dump
116:87e3bea309a513 yearsnkeynesFix TRAPA to actually work (and correspond to the documentation)