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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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213:da6b1904f67b17 yearsnkeynesInitial rendering tests (no support for result comparison yet)
212:8b77a7e6b6f017 yearsnkeynesAdd code to check for memory-wraparound on the vertex buffer (it doesn't)
211:4c7ec3e3eb8a17 yearsnkeynesAdd high-memory tests
210:c356f597c89617 yearsnkeynesAdd float_read, float_write for fp registers
209:ff67a7b9aa1717 yearsnkeynesImplement open/close dcload syscalls, change permission flag to "unsafe"
208:ad290228eea117 yearsnkeynesAdd alignment checks
207:135a2dc75b1017 yearsnkeynesAdd test for modifier context change in middle of vertex list
206:f5de539c0fcb17 yearsnkeynesAdd more bad_input calls
205:d30b6109b38217 yearsnkeynesUpdate error tests
204:78a6a215dd8f17 yearsnkeynesAdd some more clip tests
203:c86a40546fc017 yearsnkeynesFirst pass at implementing the tile clip. Reasonably accurate wrt basic
202:dab35eb2a6a417 yearsnkeynesFix broken tests
201:65183b9b064117 yearsnkeynesVerify that bit 23 doesn't preserve other bits
200:c3bdcd373b6d17 yearsnkeynesFix parse_float_colour for values <= 0 and qNaN
199:4433d9c1638c17 yearsnkeynesHandle NAN vertexes "correctly" (TA treats them as +/- INF)
198:627220aa0e3b17 yearsnkeynesAdd tile clip parsing
197:f65ff8c8320d17 yearsnkeynesAdd masks on all PVR2 registers
196:3d3c761afbf417 yearsnkeynesUpdate the register list to scan the entire 5F8000-5F8200 range (ie all
195:1c43bdb8374817 yearsnkeynesAdd error lines to tests with incomplete polys
194:7fcecbcd5f0117 yearsnkeynesAdd an input error event when terminating a list while there's an active
193:31151fcc3cb717 yearsnkeynesAdd more tile list limit tests
192:580d6c4d780217 yearsnkeynesAdd exact qNan test
191:df4441cf312817 yearsnkeynesAdd more register masks (in line with test case)
190:f7653df5e83217 yearsnkeynesAdd many more TA test cases (a couple of corner cases aren't 100% correct
189:615b70cfd72917 yearsnkeynesIssue 0003: TA Vertex compiler
188:91ee93613faa17 yearsnkeynesRemove no-longer-needed logging
187:f6ce97841afc17 yearsnkeynesAdd fwrite_dump32 function to write out 32-bit hex words
186:79bfebd5e0ff17 yearsnkeynesClear PVR DMA control + size to 0 following transfer (as per hardware)
185:6755a04c447f17 yearsnkeynesFirst commit of system test framework. 3 initial test cases (incomplete):
184:a1f69295dda117 yearsnkeynesAdd ta allocation failure event ids
183:5938ecc01dc817 yearsnkeynesUse r5 for the exit value, not r4 (that was dumb...)
182:e3b51353854817 yearsnkeynesAdd -q command line argument to allow dcload_exit() to actually exit lxdream
181:bc28fd93e23317 yearsnkeynesFSCA, FSRRA, FIPR, FTRV should be treated as no-ops when PR=1.
180:e6dcf9b6565817 yearsnkeynesMerge changes made on the MILESTONE1 branch back into head (mostly
179:18dacd91aa7317 yearsnkeynesAdd default automake files MILESTONE1
178:a3c29cc7ff4c17 yearsnkeynesRemove obsolete TODO file
177:e81b20f61ba817 yearsnkeynesCommit initial version of the M1 release notes
176:8be4abcaa45417 yearsnkeynesAdd initial version of CREDITS and STATUS files
175:8711cf9a989717 yearsnkeynesSample configuration file
174:a89c507a9a8d17 yearsnkeynescommit updated with LIBGL define
173:b006aaba9dff17 yearsnkeynesReport AICA RTC using it's own clock rather than the system gettimeofday.
172:59cf18b4cfb217 yearsnkeynesAdd register-by-register NOTRACE option (useful for tracing eg 0xA05F6000
171:3542185a8cf917 yearsnkeynesUpdate for change to bootstrap dumper
170:9877307b8dfc17 yearsnkeynesAdd cdi.c to the build
169:abbdc694358717 yearsnkeynesMove frontplane back to -4 (yeah dodgy temp hack)
168:203a72138e1617 yearsnkeynesImplement multi-format CD image support
167:71c0cc416a6417 yearsnkeynesAdd config value retrieval for pathnames
166:8aa70cf503a217 yearsnkeynesRemove/cleanup more old logging
165:126794f2ea6d17 yearsnkeynesInvalidate render buffers on writes to vram
164:84f6b203cfe117 yearsnkeynesImplement MOVCA
163:cf6b5e87f58d17 yearsnkeynesHandle G2 timer rollover
162:f7781f928f7e17 yearsnkeynesAdd global display_colour_bytes
161:408b9210395f17 yearsnkeynesImplement render buffer invalidation
160:17c4c0e4f9ce17 yearsnkeynesChange video blank to use GL, ie to actually work
159:406161fea39217 yearsnkeynesRemove superfluous logging
158:a0a82246b44e17 yearsnkeynesFix IDE DMA to actually work for real.
157:fbe03268ad8a17 yearsnkeynesAdd preliminary call-stack tracing ability
156:3b93648a3b0717 yearsnkeynesAdd P4 I/O tracing
155:be61d1a2093717 yearsnkeynesAdd load/save/reset state, and general tidy up
154:d62f7b49934b17 yearsnkeynesSkip 8-byte subheader at start of mode-2/1 sectors when performing a mode-1