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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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321:7036e369216512 yearsnkeynesFix 16-bit palettes
320:660b1509511512 yearsnkeynesAdd draw_grid_24 method
319:5392aed6a98212 yearsnkeynesAdd support for quads (auto-calculated 4th vertex)
318:363935d3185912 yearsnkeynesAdd initial offset color support
317:7c90a7dc139b12 yearsnkeynesChange default mode to BGR, not RGB
316:5ae06185a3cd12 yearsnkeynesRefactor render buffer mgmt to pvr2mem.c
315:2d8ba198d62c12 yearsnkeynesRefactor render buffer read/write to pvr2mem.c
314:2a1f3b3d870812 yearsnkeynesEnable twiddled YUV - no idea if it will actually work though
313:7e4bd162926812 yearsnkeynesTweak mip-map support
312:2c34bdc36cbd12 yearsnkeynesSave/restore MMU state (specifically the OC cache ram) correctly
311:5be79c6b436712 yearsnkeynesRefactor to use the detwiddle vram methods
310:00cd8897ad5e12 yearsnkeynesAdd methods to detwiddle directly out of vram64
309:e2750808d02c12 yearsnkeynesAdd method to dump vram to file in a form directly usable by testdata
308:10a5b5475fb012 yearsnkeynesEnable blend by default - remove toggle on tex-alpha bit as its just plain
307:a357a469f5ff12 yearsnkeynesAdd texture input data block
306:818c1157059312 yearsnkeynesAdd general draw_grid function
305:1191085c598812 yearsnkeynesRearrange asic cascade events
304:2855cf8709a512 yearsnkeynesReimplement HPOSIRQ to correspond to reality
303:41786e05644912 yearsnkeynesRemove icount from the CPU description
302:96b5cc24309c12 yearsnkeynesRename SPUDMA to G2DMA (following KOS's lead)
301:1ace395139c312 yearsnkeynesImplement writing to the RTC registers
300:a8ae4aeb0b4212 yearsnkeynesFix RGB565 format
299:d0c983d5ad5912 yearsnkeynesZ-buffer should be cleared to 0, not the bgplanez
298:44d94dd0e8aa12 yearsnkeynesChange tex mode 1 to MODULATE
297:26fc4446ac0912 yearsnkeynesBug 24: Initial implementation of scene save loader
296:1aa1c5ba59fd12 yearsnkeynesBug 24: Add basic gui for save scene function
295:6637664291a812 yearsnkeynesBug 24: Initial implementation of "save scene" function
294:a5beff9b2b8512 yearsnkeynesAdd save state to the magic loader (so we can run save states directly from
293:fe191b6381b512 yearsnkeynesAdd yuv422 and save/load state routines
292:3b78f6d301b712 yearsnkeynesCorrect declaration of pvr2_vram64_read_stride
291:cb3e8f0ac24a12 yearsnkeynesTidy up pointer types
290:4d11ef6766be12 yearsnkeynesRemove extension fprintf (accidental commit)
289:111dfb1516a612 yearsnkeynesFix output of yuv_decode() (yes, again...)
288:a42f998226fb12 yearsnkeynesFix various stupid rendering bugs
287:fead4f5f3e2c12 yearsnkeynesOops, actually increment the source pointer in yuv_decode
286:0fa5aae66f3112 yearsnkeynesCut texture address down to 8Mb to prevent issues in texcache
285:4fefedafebc612 yearsnkeynesFix pvr2_vram64_write_stride
284:808617ee713512 yearsnkeynesBreak vram routines out into pvr2mem.c
283:b1fbeaaff6bb12 yearsnkeynesCommit testyuv WIP
282:01e53698ff3812 yearsnkeynesFirst cut of YUV converter
281:2019e605cb2712 yearsnkeynesAdd work-in-progress YUV support
280:715202395e0f12 yearsnkeynesAdd GL common file
279:7bb759c2327112 yearsnkeynesInitial SPU dma implementation
278:a66aaa522d3112 yearsnkeynesInitial (non-working) spu dma test case
277:fcc1274776cb12 yearsnkeynesAdd ability to save flash
276:1e594c2804f812 yearsnkeynesFix crash on translucent sprites (mishandling quad array)
275:005945dbb81312 yearsnkeynesAlways return nanosecs (noone really cares, but for correctness sake)
274:4e8f1e988d8012 yearsnkeynesFix scheduling of scanlines between even and odd frames
273:48eb3304a41e12 yearsnkeynesAlways return TRUE at end of execute instruction (oops)
272:fb6be85235e812 yearsnkeynesFix hsync timing checks
271:2ec052d2488112 yearsnkeynesAllow keyspecs to consist of a comma-separated list of keysyms
270:1e151174ef5112 yearsnkeynesFix crash in texcache_evict
269:e41f9b1490d112 yearsnkeynesDouble hsync width (as per hw)
268:1ba7e5a7a3f712 yearsnkeynesFix last tile not actually being rendered
267:e59e3695076112 yearsnkeynesAdd test for NTSC timing, retrace/scanline events
266:2f811793bd0a12 yearsnkeynesRemove increment that shouldn't have been there
265:5daf59b7f31b12 yearsnkeynesImplement event queue.
264:e3b8a3ab32b812 yearsnkeynesFix start/stop timing
263:6f641270b2aa12 yearsnkeynesExtract test runner from testide into the generic testdata.c
262:bc96e0b7930812 yearsnkeynesFix to actually work (need the write read/write sizes)