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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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122:3a557bc205d813 yearsnkeynesFix insanely stupid FSCA bug. Unfortunately doesn't actually appear to fix
121:795fec623ce913 yearsnkeynesFix incorrect response length for condition queries
120:7e454947611013 yearsnkeynesHalt instead of exiting by default on a dcload_sycall to exit()
119:cef4d880123c13 yearsnkeynesAdd fwrite_dump method
118:fcec54454d1013 yearsnkeynesNominally implement packed-colour (w/ or w/o texture) mode
117:3b6a128ae73313 yearsnkeynesAdd an fwrite_dump() method to do a binary block dump
116:87e3bea309a513 yearsnkeynesFix TRAPA to actually work (and correspond to the documentation)
115:699aa891680313 yearsnkeynesImplement timer interrupt clearing (kinda useful)
114:1cc849575bc713 yearsnkeynesFix intc_clear_interrupt being able to signal a new interrupt even if
113:ce4eb7959d5613 yearsnkeynesVarious fixes to make tatest work
112:a3008ac0765a13 yearsnkeynesUse GL to display frames
111:230243c2b52013 yearsnkeynesHandle driver-unable-to-init case
110:83a33da5ed0613 yearsnkeynesBring the bootloader in for ELF files as well
109:cc84a653c78113 yearsnkeynesLimit gui hooks to only every 1/10 second of emulated time
108:565de331ccec13 yearsnkeynesMore video WIP - displays _something_ now, at least...
107:e576dd36073a13 yearsnkeynesMake sure subfunctions are initted
106:9048bac046c313 yearsnkeynesMove driver selection out to main at long last. Add video NULL driver for
105:1faa0745f20013 yearsnkeynesAdd elf loader suppt
104:94b2d9962b5913 yearsnkeynesRemove call-slot-delay on syscall
103:9b9cfc5855e013 yearsnkeynesMore rendering work in progress. Almost there now...
102:844a3f2a76ff13 yearsnkeynesRefactor bios into more generic syscall structure. Add initial hooks for
101:5a22f3699b6713 yearsnkeynesAdd sh4addr_t type, need to start propagating it instead of uint32_t
100:995e42e96cc913 yearsnkeynesSplit pvr2.c out to separate files for TA and renderer, minor renames
99:78cbd52afb8d13 yearsnkeynesReorg files slightly (move audio drivers into drivers, pvr2 code into its
98:7b59bca968e913 yearsnkeynesAdd quick-and-dirty hack to print vertex data
97:437d00238f7413 yearsnkeynesInclude a newline after a stderr print
96:3ec45b6525ba13 yearsnkeynesMore GLX work in progress
95:7c0dac698ea213 yearsnkeynesFix DR FMOV functions to allow reference to the back bank
94:8d80d9c7cc7d13 yearsnkeynesVideo code reshuffle to start getting real video happening.
93:bb1def61e90113 yearsnkeynesInstall the bios hooks if we're loading a demo
92:108450d84ce813 yearsnkeynesComment out some more info lines
91:61bb3ee00cf813 yearsnkeynesCanonicalize typedef struct definition
90:88e4872c2f5813 yearsnkeynesFix copy_to_sh4 for ta + vram-64 regions
89:939afb9f0f9813 yearsnkeynesAdd aica_enable() to aica-only-config
88:0a1bd43fa4ad13 yearsnkeynesWhen loading a binary file, load IP.BIN before it to initialize everything
87:11208d725b6113 yearsnkeynesAdd dummied-up BIOS syscalls
86:f151e63f975413 yearsnkeynesAdd aica_enable() function for aica-only mode, disable by default
85:71e239d20c5d13 yearsnkeynesFix colour mode definitions
84:b993a8d8fbf313 yearsnkeynesFix double-precision floating point
83:72c4fbd6096513 yearsnkeynesFix P4 to include E000000
82:81a4acf75f1013 yearsnkeynesAdd basic attempt at panning + proper volume
81:1c1d53584da413 yearsnkeynesFix LDM/STM instructions (yes, again, but for sure this time)
80:1d59b19eb50513 yearsnkeynesTweaks to timer to make sure it's actually a one-shot
79:6d832137fdff13 yearsnkeynesSet base buffer size to 1/10 second
78:4ba04e1d844813 yearsnkeynesRemove debug lines
77:935dd09c5ace13 yearsnkeynesAdd 's3m' mode (for testing) and also headless mode
76:e9a0bd31303613 yearsnkeynesFix nanos -> sample calculation
75:58ff379f11df13 yearsnkeynesFix nanos => samples conversion
74:771ee2b1e4f813 yearsnkeynesAdd driver name to audio_driver struct
73:0bb57e51ac9e13 yearsnkeynesRender multiple samples per shot, should be mildly faster
72:ceb5985fa8d813 yearsnkeynesLimit block loads to file size
71:fcde57dbf96813 yearsnkeynesAdd AICA-only configuration
70:a5a5cef16deb13 yearsnkeynesInclude sh4core.h (needed to compile)
69:2e8634272a9813 yearsnkeynesForce redisasm when switching cpus
68:0cf3ead9662713 yearsnkeynesAdd command line parser, and aica-only mode
67:1f59399bbf1713 yearsnkeynesAdd new audio files
66:2ec5b6eb75e513 yearsnkeynesGo go gadget audio!
65:9f124c245fc613 yearsnkeynesImplement blanking (maybe, untested)
64:f8864188e83f13 yearsnkeynesCorrect disasm of TST, TEQ, CMP, CMN
63:be4fec75196113 yearsnkeynesFix exception return address