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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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780:4e4ea322cb8415 yearsnkeynesMove grab management to window
779:a60e47313e7b15 yearsnkeynesIf the requested audio driver won't initialize, try all the others in order (worst case, null driver)
778:a34b180d92f715 yearsnkeynesAdd bundle proplist and icon
777:60431d09605c15 yearsnkeynesDisplay the CD-Rom drive names for consistency with the OS X implementation
776:b12d8be1538715 yearsnkeynesRemove bios/flash filenames from test lxdreamrc
775:b50989a6312015 yearsnkeynesFix build of testsh4x86
774:4ba7fe9365c915 yearsnkeynesUpdate for new/deleted UI files
773:146c3210768b15 yearsnkeynesFix some consistency issues between the cocoa + gtk menus
772:c0b5928dd60015 yearsnkeynesFix translations - need to include lxdream.h ahead of gettext.h (always the little things...)
771:749f0f4575d215 yearsnkeynesFix bad rename from previous commit
770:429ff505c45015 yearsnkeynesImplement key-binding configuration pane for Cocoa UI
769:f7f62bea4cad15 yearsnkeynesAdd -headerpad_max_install_names linker flag for OS/X builds - ensures bundle
768:b2a54f6864eb15 yearsnkeynesHalt emulation after reporting an error
767:53dc977f8f2515 yearsnkeynesFix to correctly mount empty CD drives
766:336858fb016015 yearsnkeynesFix dreamcast_reset not performing a core exit
765:4cd06604820315 yearsnkeynesCocoa preferences panel work-in-progress
764:44f5670ada6215 yearsnkeynesChange sprintf to snprintf (safer)
763:b3ce4448f20015 yearsnkeynesRename GTK UI files to follow the same scheme as the cocoa ones
762:0980359351fc15 yearsnkeynesUpdate file lists for removed x86dasm files
761:a6c73d21d67015 yearsnkeynesAdd missing include (fix warning)
760:12dac7679c0c15 yearsnkeynesAdd newline at EOF to shut gcc up
759:f16975739abc15 yearsnkeynesFix batch of -Wall warnings
758:99ae000d4e0915 yearsnkeynesFix compiler warnings
757:2780bc393e7c15 yearsnkeynesMinor fixes for Tiger build
756:38385124df7a15 yearsnkeynesRemove the 'gettext required' bit from configure
755:ab873907b00e15 yearsnkeynesAdd gettext.h and build sanely without libintl if it's not available
754:35c49670338015 yearsnkeynesCommit testta changes for sort-dma tests
753:1fe39c3a9bbc15 yearsnkeynesInitial implementation for sort-dma channel
752:9458edce886115 yearsnkeynesAdd debian control files to the dist
751:5af50a1c4cf415 yearsnkeynesAdd built sources to svn:ignore properties
750:af3b7e6c85ff15 yearsnkeynesRemove built sources from SVN
749:f06c5a12903a15 yearsnkeynesFix make clean target
748:4fa68ea01d2915 yearsnkeynesAdd uninstall hook for pixmaps
747:c2d22fd75c9515 yearsnkeynesdist/install lxdreamrc correctly
746:3a574a68e79315 yearsnkeynesFix make check for out-of-tree build
745:fd9785b1506815 yearsnkeynesApparently the .gmo files live in the src dir rather than the build dir.
744:5ab61071891815 yearsnkeynesAbort configuration if gettext isn't found (since the build breaks without it)
743:6f0f79fae44915 yearsnkeynesFix old copy-n-paste error in INFO line
742:e730ba4938f615 yearsnkeynesAvoid writing out the flash if we never allocated it (eg, AICA mode)
741:0c6f6567280c15 yearsnkeynesDisable the FTRC 11 test for now (it's technically an undefined inst)
740:dd11269ee48b15 yearsnkeynesRationalize the two SH4 run slice impls into sh4.c, and tidy up the vm exits.
739:46fa527d9fef15 yearsnkeynesRemove debugging error whinging
738:0cbff49086b815 yearsnkeynesRecord the SVN revision in the build
737:7477adafe90915 yearsnkeynesRemove deleted files (upsets distcheck)
736:a02d1475ccfd15 yearsnkeynesRe-indent everything consistently
735:c3aac20f118e15 yearsnkeynesRemove obsolete files
734:f8fcc8322b4515 yearsnkeynesFix version number in
733:633ee022f52e15 yearsnkeynesBug 60: Fix off-by-one in recovery list size
732:f05753bbe72315 yearsnkeynesFix alignment check for 64-bit FMOVs
731:ee2e929cca3a15 yearsnkeynesFixup out-of-tree builds to work properly, mostly fix dist target
730:a0f02e769c2e15 yearsnkeynesFix includes to be src/ relative
729:4cc913eabd3d15 yearsnkeynesAdd missing svn:keywords properties
728:4dfc293b9d9615 yearsnkeynesAdd register defns for sort DMA
727:f934967b77a315 yearsnkeynesFix exit code from exit() being lost (from SH4 code)
726:802567cb38f215 yearsnkeynesAdd stock icons for the preferences toolbar
725:4d4018e8eeb815 yearsnkeynesAdd slightly more detailed about dialog
724:f2bc1c7cca1415 yearsnkeynesAdd descriptive (localized) label to config entries for UI use
723:a13e5529c52a15 yearsnkeynesAdd apple-specific binding for gettext
722:1a16b391450815 yearsnkeynesFix last mmc read sector buffer not being properly zeroed out.
721:98e1ae02bf3615 yearsnkeynesAdd mmc.c, osx_iokit.[ch] to the makefile