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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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94:8d80d9c7cc7d13 yearsnkeynesVideo code reshuffle to start getting real video happening.
93:bb1def61e90113 yearsnkeynesInstall the bios hooks if we're loading a demo
92:108450d84ce813 yearsnkeynesComment out some more info lines
91:61bb3ee00cf813 yearsnkeynesCanonicalize typedef struct definition
90:88e4872c2f5813 yearsnkeynesFix copy_to_sh4 for ta + vram-64 regions
89:939afb9f0f9813 yearsnkeynesAdd aica_enable() to aica-only-config
88:0a1bd43fa4ad13 yearsnkeynesWhen loading a binary file, load IP.BIN before it to initialize everything
87:11208d725b6113 yearsnkeynesAdd dummied-up BIOS syscalls
86:f151e63f975413 yearsnkeynesAdd aica_enable() function for aica-only mode, disable by default
85:71e239d20c5d13 yearsnkeynesFix colour mode definitions
84:b993a8d8fbf313 yearsnkeynesFix double-precision floating point
83:72c4fbd6096513 yearsnkeynesFix P4 to include E000000
82:81a4acf75f1013 yearsnkeynesAdd basic attempt at panning + proper volume
81:1c1d53584da413 yearsnkeynesFix LDM/STM instructions (yes, again, but for sure this time)
80:1d59b19eb50513 yearsnkeynesTweaks to timer to make sure it's actually a one-shot
79:6d832137fdff13 yearsnkeynesSet base buffer size to 1/10 second
78:4ba04e1d844813 yearsnkeynesRemove debug lines
77:935dd09c5ace13 yearsnkeynesAdd 's3m' mode (for testing) and also headless mode
76:e9a0bd31303613 yearsnkeynesFix nanos -> sample calculation
75:58ff379f11df13 yearsnkeynesFix nanos => samples conversion
74:771ee2b1e4f813 yearsnkeynesAdd driver name to audio_driver struct
73:0bb57e51ac9e13 yearsnkeynesRender multiple samples per shot, should be mildly faster
72:ceb5985fa8d813 yearsnkeynesLimit block loads to file size
71:fcde57dbf96813 yearsnkeynesAdd AICA-only configuration
70:a5a5cef16deb13 yearsnkeynesInclude sh4core.h (needed to compile)
69:2e8634272a9813 yearsnkeynesForce redisasm when switching cpus
68:0cf3ead9662713 yearsnkeynesAdd command line parser, and aica-only mode
67:1f59399bbf1713 yearsnkeynesAdd new audio files
66:2ec5b6eb75e513 yearsnkeynesGo go gadget audio!
65:9f124c245fc613 yearsnkeynesImplement blanking (maybe, untested)
64:f8864188e83f13 yearsnkeynesCorrect disasm of TST, TEQ, CMP, CMN
63:be4fec75196113 yearsnkeynesFix exception return address
62:a1cb6dfefec113 yearsnkeynesDefault 2D00 to 0 rather than 1
61:eb7a73c9bcae13 yearsnkeynesAICA IRQ event work in progress
60:d09f85b2a58313 yearsnkeynesFix SWI disassembly
59:dceb8ef1da5513 yearsnkeynesChange LDM in accordance with the second part of 5.4.6
58:ce3657a81a2613 yearsnkeynesCommit in dmac.h (oops)
57:5648c0e0638b13 yearsnkeynesFix MMU not appearing in mmr win
56:3224dceaf2a313 yearsnkeynesImplement PVR DMA channel
55:96323c198da313 yearsnkeynesRemove sh4core.h reference
54:d8b73031289c13 yearsnkeynesAdd (partial) DMAC implementation
53:f2981805b92913 yearsnkeynesRewrite timer to be more accurate, also support cycle precision in the future
52:429b7fc6b84313 yearsnkeynesGrr, irq/fiq mask was backwards, fixed
51:ed6c2706750213 yearsnkeynesAdd several missing M instructions
50:704b11c879cb13 yearsnkeynesImplement mem_save_block
49:6290c467cfbd13 yearsnkeynesImplement missing DP instructions
48:de09cb63b4d013 yearsnkeynesFix disassembly of TST, TEQ, CMP, CMN
47:da09bcb7ce6913 yearsnkeynesLog transfer mode set
46:30d123047e1613 yearsnkeynesImplement LDM/STM opcodes
45:f99236f0632e13 yearsnkeynesFix output list click
44:8da2cbcffe2413 yearsnkeynesDefault ARM to not-running for sanity's sake
43:0cf3e339cc5913 yearsnkeynesAdd sh4 + arm breakpoints
42:d06affd949ec13 yearsnkeynesRemove the temporary ASIC log line
41:e740565eb39313 yearsnkeynesRemove default MMIO trace
40:852ee31ace0d13 yearsnkeynesFixup ARM memory to be a little more functional
39:3c35cb97b2ff13 yearsnkeynesLog feature on calls to SET_FEATURE
38:9ccc7ac66a9d13 yearsnkeynesRemove log lines for store queue + writes to op address cache
37:1d84f4c1881613 yearsnkeynesMore ARM work-in-progress - idle loop works now :)
36:f581f9c43c4313 yearsnkeynesRemove RTE log line (not needed anymore)
35:21a4be09830413 yearsnkeynesRemove modules.h - move definitions into dream.h