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lxdream 0.9.1
released Jun 29
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509:d72564edc48216 yearsnkeynesAdd portugese and german translations (thanks to GT and TK)
508:ccd2c10edfe616 yearsnkeynesTag translatable strings
507:4de0a4149afa16 yearsnkeynesInclude the generated config.h - might want to change this later
506:3426a1ced1aa16 yearsnkeynesAdd dialog files
505:ab23c9a8992016 yearsnkeynesUpdate to include the current GUI source files
504:61afb3921c4a16 yearsnkeynesFix ptr->int conversions for 64bit lxdream_0_8_1
503:36a668469e3716 yearsnkeynesUpdate name + version numbers
502:c4ecae2b1b5e16 yearsnkeynesAdd sh4ptr_t type, start converting bare pointer refs to it
501:41328c68bd7316 yearsnkeynesAdd elf.h for non-libc users
500:848e66eee41816 yearsnkeynesFix output formats
499:14b86c78d11116 yearsnkeynesAdd some required extern methods
498:10d5ba99a77816 yearsnkeynesPreliminary support for raw sectors in image files
497:cd6e10c2e96b16 yearsnkeynesTweak fullscreen handling to ensure safety in the event of wm misbehaviour
496:5c5c98f3bdd516 yearsnkeynesFix typo in MOV.L @(disp, Rm), Rn
495:4db4702b077816 yearsnkeynesAdd crash handler to get a backtrace via gdb
494:67c133a1740016 yearsnkeynesSkip over 0x00000700 commands until we get to a real command
493:c8183f888b1416 yearsnkeynesImplement mode select command
492:84e33e4dda1c16 yearsnkeynesIssue #37: Add nulldc GDI format
491:515c8162494316 yearsnkeynesAdd mkinstalldirs
490:1e0f9940e06416 yearsnkeynesFix pointer=>int conversions to use intptr_t types
489:45c8ddcf52cb16 yearsnkeynesTest for presence of linux/cdrom.h at configure time, and only build the
488:d19a63e47cd916 yearsnkeynesChange MAP_ANONYMOUS to MAP_ANON for bsd compatibility
487:b34abd796f5e16 yearsnkeynesBail out if libGL or zlib isn't found (they're somewhat compulsory)
486:9af294489aad16 yearsnkeynesImplement (fairly naive) fullscreen mode
485:dfa6bd020c1116 yearsnkeynesRemove gnome.h lxdream_0_8
484:e2c1476f4c6716 yearsnkeynesRemove gnome.h
483:e367f778447e16 yearsnkeynesUpdate release notes
482:42da008cd8bf16 yearsnkeynesRemove gnome dependency - now just depend on GTK 2.0
481:3b2d6c5a19ad16 yearsnkeynesFix miscellaneous warnings
480:d28c2992f5ee16 yearsnkeynesFix miscellaneous warnings
479:e030b18d274416 yearsnkeynesFix uninitialized value
478:57f73576c97416 yearsnkeynesAdd warning for non-direct rendering
477:9a373f2ff00916 yearsnkeynesAdd save/restore of render buffers in save states
476:75eb00fc191d16 yearsnkeynesExplicitly include stdio.h
475:49841795db9716 yearsnkeynesHandle case of setting value to itself (ie don't change anything)
474:a0345bf296ed16 yearsnkeynesAdd convenience MMIO_ADDR macro
473:bbbeca9ccf1316 yearsnkeynesUse the higher of 0x28 and 0x29 for volume until we figure out how it really
472:8a3ae91eb21516 yearsnkeynesEnsure xlat cache is flushed on state load and reset
471:826c89a6f12c16 yearsnkeynesAdd libpng as a dependency
470:e09a1619669316 yearsnkeynesMaintain current gdrom and recently-used list in config file
469:3e2a0fde5cd816 yearsnkeynesMake the sure initial GD (if any) makes its way to the gui
468:3a49695e081a16 yearsnkeynesFix CDI with multiple tracks/session
467:0120dc87e05d16 yearsnkeynesBump the save state version number (incompatible changes)
466:a6935f46ed7816 yearsnkeynesFix BIOS reloading
465:3bd7be57579216 yearsnkeynesFix AICA save state section to include the current audio + IO state
464:8e099fad42a616 yearsnkeynesInitial gdrom attachment menu
463:0655796f9bb516 yearsnkeynesImplement channel position readback
462:9add1245287616 yearsnkeynesFix long standing texcache management bug (invalidate palette was not placing
461:63d4de8dcec616 yearsnkeynesReload BIOS/flash when changed in configuration.
460:a0c865b74c6316 yearsnkeynesMake controller config actually work
459:21041c9634e416 yearsnkeynesRemove (I think) last remaining glade/glade-derived files, as they're no
458:cbb2dd12daeb16 yearsnkeynesAdd set value by name method
457:af605fd32c0b16 yearsnkeynesFinish updating debug gui window bits
456:968df17c490016 yearsnkeynesRename mmr_win.c to mmio_win.c
455:3080881d00d416 yearsnkeynesMore GUI WIP
454:f6586b97813a16 yearsnkeynesRemove error on unable to open file
453:20f9c11e69e516 yearsnkeynesAdd CDI V3.5 support
452:48db4ac9689916 yearsnkeynesRemove error message
451:50622730f22616 yearsnkeynesUnregister keys on controller detach
450:207461e79f2116 yearsnkeynesSplit config management out to config.[ch]