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0000032lxdreamPVR2public2007-02-11 16:412008-10-15 18:05
0000032: Implement shader programs (GLSL)
PVR2 seems to do colour clamping after computing the final fragment colour, unlike the GL fixed-function pipeline which clamps each component separately prior to interpolation. Note that we're likely to need this for correct fogging as well.
Also as a bonus, after this we can rip rendbkg.c out almost completely.

1. Add test cases for PVR2 behaviour. At least Tex modulate and Quad tests needed to confirm the above.
2. Add simple shader programs as above
3. Remove obsolete hacks

Fallback: In the absense of GLSL support, system should run normally using the fixed-function pipeline - it will just be less accurate.
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Done, as far as I can tell from what was originally noted