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0000008lxdreamPVR2public2006-07-03 23:362008-10-15 18:04
0000008: Implement render-to-texture
Currently broken.
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2007-02-11 15:28   
Target for M3. Substantially easier to implement now, main issues to watch are
a) texture buffer management/pooling (textures should come from the texture pool, not the render pool). Rendered textures need to appear in the texcache automatically (or be otherwise findable by texcache_load_texture)
b) correct handling of stride textures. Can either i) always render to POT textures, or ii) manually freak with the texture coordinates. i) has issues if the stride U-size is different to what we expect, but is isolated. ii) will always be correct as long as the texture coords are actually within the rendered texture, but requires render_vertexes to know about the texture.

Need to test stride behaviour when tex coords are "out of bounds"
2008-10-15 18:04   
Implemented with vram writeback for now. Optimize later