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0000013lxdreamPVR2public2006-08-07 03:302019-09-01 05:52
Assigned Tonkeynes 
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Summary0000013: TA bug-compatibliity
DescriptionKnown "bugs" (bad error responses really) that are not currently implemented in the TA core:
* Sending a polygon context in the middle of a vertex list causes the TA to spit out the last vertex repeatedly (instead of the actual data read)
* Sending vertexes with no context present is accepted, but acts like input/output are out of sync (reads TA data as if it were modifier vertexes, but writes it out differently). Writes out to the opaque tile matrix.
* Tile clip behaves badly when mixing no-clip polygons with clipped ones (no-clip ones tend to get overwritten in the tile matrix)
* TA command 0x4xxxxxxx seems to behave similarly to a normal polygon context except without starting a list. More investigation needed.

Not exactly TA bugs, but also need to be done:
* TA buffers writes to the tile matrix/tile list, only flushes back after a certain amount of data is present, or at end-of-list. (vertex buffer is written immediately)
* Register range 5F8600-5F8FFF is believed to be TA internal state (see maiwe's doc), but needs extended analysis - content is non-obvious.
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nkeynes (administrator)
2019-09-01 05:52

Migrated to https://github.com/lxdream/lxdream/issues/13 [^]

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