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0000004lxdreamOtherpublic2006-07-03 19:262008-02-03 18:34
Assigned Tonkeynes 
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Summary0000004: System test harness
DescriptionWhile there are a few independent test cases now, they haven't been committed into CVS, nor are they run from make. These need to be integrated cleanly into the tree and made into an automated test suite.

It would also be handy to have a quick way to execute the tests using dc-tool to compare results with the real hardware.
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anonymous (viewer)
2006-07-10 18:44
edited on: 2006-07-10 18:44

System test harness is in now. Some kind of unit test framework could probably be usefully used to simplify assertion checking, or we can roll our own.

Need to finish converting over the old test code to work within the framework (and do proper assertions)

nkeynes (administrator)
2007-01-28 15:15

Marking as done. Testing is still not nearly as thorough as it should be, but the framework is there.

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