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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000007111 Portingmajorresolved (nkeynes)2010-07-12Add support for pkg-config to libgl and libisofs
  000006821 SH4crashresolved (nkeynes)2009-05-24sh4_finalize_instruction: Assertion `(sh4_icache.page_vma == ((sh4r.pc) & sh4_icache.mask))' failed.
  00000671   GD-Romminorresolved (nkeynes)2009-03-24cdi bug x86_64 OS X
  00000651   Hostminorresolved (nkeynes)2008-10-24texcache invariant failure
  00000321   PVR2minorresolved (nkeynes)2008-10-15Implement shader programs (GLSL)
  00000082   PVR2minorresolved (nkeynes)2008-10-15Implement render-to-texture
  000006151 Portingfeatureresolved (nkeynes)2008-08-06OpenBSD Ports
  00000641   Hostminorresolved (nkeynes)2008-08-03OS X 64-bit build crashes in translator
  00000442   Portingminorresolved (nkeynes)2008-07-31Mac OS X Port
  00000601   SH4minorresolved (nkeynes)2008-07-20Crash in sh4 translation
  00000511   Hostminorresolved (nkeynes)2008-06-29OSMesa (software rendering) support
  00000291   PVR2minorresolved (nkeynes)2008-06-29Frustum clipping bug
  0000057    Hostminorresolved (nkeynes)2008-04-26Add configure test for framebuffer support
  00000561   AICAminorassigned (nkeynes)2008-02-19KOS s3mplay broken
  0000055    GUIminorresolved (nkeynes)2008-02-12Fix relative path handling for open/save dialogs
  0000025    PVR2minorassigned (nkeynes)2008-02-03Texture test cases
  0000036    PVR2majorassigned (nkeynes)2008-02-03Poor render performance
  00000372   GD-Romminorresolved (nkeynes)2007-11-07Implement nulldc's GDI format
  00000195   GD-Romminorresolved (nkeynes)2007-10-31Implement native cd driver
  00000102   PVR2minorresolved (nkeynes)2007-01-29Backplane rendering
  00000162   PVR2minorresolved (nkeynes)2007-01-28Polygon blending incorrect
  00000152   AICAminorresolved (nkeynes)2007-01-28Fix/implement AICA command port and DMA
  00000201   PVR2minorresolved (nkeynes)2007-01-07syncstat / beampos way off
  0000009    PVR2majorassigned (nkeynes)2006-08-03Renderer tracking bug
  0000001    SH4 Periphtweakassigned (nkeynes)2006-07-02PCTRA/PDTRA buginess