February 11th, 2007 by nkeynes
Milestone 2 released
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Well what are you waiting for? Download it already ^_^. The major work this week was in the video output rewrite (bug #27) – I was originally going to delay this until after the release, but it just made it in in the end. It both cleans up that part of the code a _lot_, as well as fixes a few bugs related to multiple buffers. It also makes render-to-texture much easier to implement now.

The next release (Milestone 3) is intended to be 2-3 months away, with the main priorities being the SH4 recompiler (ie speed), and getting a reasonable end-user UI in place.

  • Fix parsing of (some?) v3.0 discjuggler images.
  • Fix compressed mipmap textures
  • Fix texture v-clamp
  • Fix linux cd driver not checking for media change
  • Rewrite video output to use opengl framebuffer objects

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