January 28th, 2009 by nkeynes
Testing with Intel’s icc compiler
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Out of sheer curiousity, I thought it might be worth seeing how icc performs on lxdream – short answer, not too shabby at all. All tests otherwise with the same command options, best of 3 runs:

Compiler 5-second core runtime Improvement
gcc -O2 3.10s N/A
gcc -O2 -fprofile-use 2.96s 4.6%
icc -fast 2.96s 4.6%
icc -fast -prof-use 2.73s 12%

Profile runs using profile generated for the same test. 5% is kind of meh, but 12% on the icc profile build… ok that’s pretty nice. I will probably have to look at generating some decent general purpose profile traces for production builds

In any event, I’ve added support for building with icc, for the benefit of the 2 people who actually have it ^_^.

Otherwise I’ve finally got some very basic UTLB test cases in now, and fixed a number of bugs that turned up – it seems to be at least as stable as the old version was by now (which actually still had a few bugs too incidentally…)

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